‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 14 (Part 5)

Thursday, and I’m still exhausted from all of the excitement last night.  Ironically, I forgot to write down what happened last night after I did the interview at the mall.  I happened to be walking down the mall so we could take some pictures when I ran into the principal at my school.  As Ian had said to me last night, I guess I’m out of the Star Wars X-Wing.  It’s our way of saying we’re “out of the closet”.  Not that anyone at my school did not already know that I am a huge Star Wars fan, just by looking around at my room. 

Today was a typical day and things seemed to go along as they usually do.  I gave my students one last chance today to catch – up on their school work before I closed the gradebooks today.  Some took advantage of my gracious nature, others took advantage of the situation.  It never ceases to amaze me how little my students care about their grades at time.  I even had one student say that he’s failing every class and hopes to fail them by the end of the year because mom can’t watch him over the summer, so she wants him to be in summer school.  And here my wife and I encourage our students to do as well as they can in school and this parent is actually encouraging their son to do bad.  Not a smart choice.

I got done with school and managed to get some time to relax at home.  I even went home and took a brief nap.  I had to.  I was so exhausted, I could barely keep my eyes open as I drove home after play rehearsal tonight.  Rehearsal went well, and I got home and actually had some time to spend with the family.  We tried to clean up around the house a little, but got very little of that accomplished.  The ONLY reason we were cleaning was because my parents are coming this weekend and we thought it would be imperative to clean a little around here before my mom saw this house looking the way it does right now.  Even after cleaning, the house doesn’t look great.  But, with a SMASH performance tomorrow night, one on Saturday night, and a troop with my Star Wars FanForce group on Sunday at Barnes and Nobles, my weekend is going to be completely full.  I feel bad as I won’t see my parents as much as I wanted to, but there’s not much I can do about that as all of these things were planned months and weeks ago.

Okay, enough about me and let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 14 (Part 5):  Ghez Hokan pulled out master Fulier’s lightsaber and told Guta Nay that he has ten seconds to live.  Nay shouted out that he had been captured by Republic troops and that they forced him to carry equipment.  Hokan put the lightsaber away  and asked how many, to which Guta Nay said four plus a girl.  H then tells Hokan that they discussed another squad just before he escaped while they were sleeping.  Hokan asked about Hurati and the Trandoshan.  Hurati says the Trandoshan offers himself and his three friends to help deal with the issue and Hokan agrees to the offer.  He then asks Guta Nay thow the target is for these two squads and Guta Nay says it’s the villa.  When Hokan asked about their equipment, Guta Nay explained the weapons and then told Hokan that they all have armor just like his.  then Guta Nay told him that they all have the same faces.  Hokan knew that this now meant they were dealing with clones.  Hokan called back Hurati and told him to split the droids between the villa and the complex.  He had a feeling the two squads would attack both.  He told Hurati that they would attack at night because they are bold but not stupid, Hurati suggested the Jedi was female and the commander.  Then Hokan realized that Guta Nay was waiting on him.  Guta Nay asked Hokan if he was going to live.  Hokan said he can’t  he can’t, it’s bad for morale, took out the lightsaber and struck down Guta Nay.


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