‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 14 (Part 4)

Okay, Wednesday, and it’s hump day.  Ironic that name.  I got up this morning totally exhausted because I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night.  It was to the point that I could barely keep my eyes open this morning on the drive in to work.  I got my morning tea and things seemed a little better with some caffeine.  I knew today was going to be a pretty busy day.  Not only did I have the typical school work, but I am going to be on T.V. tonight.  I’m pretty excited about this and can’t wait to do it.  I know others would think it’s completely dorky to be excited about wanting to be on T.V. in your Jedi costume, but I find it exhilarating.  I think that’s just how costumers think.

So, I had a typical day with my classes.  My one period that gives me problems, continued to give me problems today.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.  I was rather excited the whole day today to get the opportunity to be on T.V. tonight in my Jedi costume and I guess it showed.  Probably a little too much.  As soon as I got done with work, I went home right away and got into the shower and got ready for our interview tonight.  I got dressed in my costume and then headed to the mall to meet up with the crew.  Once I got there I met up with my group including two new people that I had not met until tonight.  The one man seemed very interested in working with our group and he was really cool.  He’s got a great Darth Vader costume and seems like a nice family oriented type guy.  The other guy seemed a little ticked off that he was even there.  He told us he dreaded putting on the Stormtrooper costume again and rather he hadn’t shown up.  I find this interesting as I would give my left arm for his costume to be able to wear.  Some people never appreciate what they have.

The interview and all the teasers went well.  You can catch the teasers here and here, on YouTube.  You can also find the entire interview here.  It was loads of fun, but we almost got ourselves into trouble.  We decided to hand out flyers about the Hockey Night that we have coming up next Friday night.  It never occurred to us to ask the mall for permission first.  Luckily, the security guard was really cool about it all and simply asked us to stop handing them out.  Not a problem there.  But, I was bothered because some of the stores in the mall complained about us being there.  Like we were some sort of distraction to the customers.  Nevermind that we were probably attracting attention and may have been attracting people to the mall for business.  I can’t believe how closed minded some people are.

We got done with the interview and I went straight home and caught Heather in the middle of her usual Wednesday night madness.  She had just dropped off Ruth and Tara and I started to eat leftovers while we talked.  I then went downstairs and graded some papers while I watched our usual Wednesday night shows.

Okay, enough about my life, let’s talk about some Star Wars.  Let’s talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ Chapter 14, Part 4 by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 14 (Part 4):  Etain asked about a plan C when Jinart came out of the woods and said she would carry the remotes and meet up with them at the laying-up point or LUP, as Niner called it.  As they followed the line of woods, Etain kept close to Darman.  Niner worried that Etain really seemed to take a liking to Darman.  Niner remembered Skirata talking about the positives behind the Jedi, but that they can’t get personally involved.  Niner also wondered if the heat of battle could change that all.  they hit the edge of the woods and crouched as they crawled through a thicket of waist-high grass.  This was killing Niner’s back, so he took out a stim and stabbed himself with it.  He suggested they all take a stim about an hour before the attack or so.  Niner even suggested that Etain take the stimulants and she agreed.  Etain drops into a meditative state and Niner gets on the helmet comm  and asks Darman if they should worry about her and Darman tells Niner to put himselft at ease.  Jinart then grabbed the three remotes and put there where she would normally carry her children, in an animalistic pouch.  All the commandos pull out ration cubes and decide now is the tiem to have a last minute meal.  Atin went to get Etain, but Darman stopped him and said she was meditating…..


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