‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Well, I feel better about this Monday because I’m busy, but in many ways it’s a fun busy this week.  I got to school and went to open my classroom and then realized that I forgot to grab my school keys.  So, I called Heather and asked her to drop them by and then I got the master key from the Main Office and let myself into my room.  Once I got in, I thought it was dumb to try and go upstairs and potentially get locked out without keys.  So, I stayed in my room, organized and got ready for music videos.  Classes went fairly well today.  It’s going to be tight over the next week or so.  Final Exams will start next week as we finish our quarter just before Easter break.  I’ll be pushing to get it all done in time.  But hey, as my wife says, I perform better under pressure.

I got done with classes today and got a text from my wife.  She let me know that “Gary’s U-Pull It” came and picked up our Ford Escort today.  She was a little sad to see it go, but I was glad to get the space back in the garage.  It will also be nice as my parents will be here this weekend and will now have a place to park their car which is not on the front lawn.  I was then running tech rehearsal for the musical and got a cell phone call from her.  She decided to join us for rehearsal today try to get ahold of some of the students to measure them for costumes.  That was kind of a nice addition to what was going to happen and it was nice to be able to spend some time with the kids.  I finished with rehearsal and my group of students did a good job putting equipment away.  I was a little upset as many of them did not show up today, but this happens every year.  I start with a whole bunch of kids, and then when they find out how much work is involved, many of them either quit or go to sports teams.  We got home and got ready for dinner.  After we ate dinner, Heather and I retreated to the basement and watched “Dirty Jobs” and “Future Weapons” while I worked on my Mando costume project (almost done with my first round of Nerf guns) and then worked on some webpages and then put together a leaflet to pass out for my Star Wars fan group on Sunday at Wal Mart and Barnes and Nobles.  I got a lot accomplished as well as tri-folding all 200 of the pamphlets we’ve made for our game on Good Friday.  Oi!!  Lots to do and little time to get it done!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 14 (Part 2):  Uthan asked about the scientists as well as the project.  The project could be re-started, but the scientists were more important to her.  Hokan said their safest bet was to stay on the planet.  Hokan told her that her facility was very safe and would hold anything from getting in.  That’s when Uthan revealed that she didn’t build the lab to keep things from getting in, but to keep things from getting out!  Hokan said he thought the nanovirus would only make non-clones unwell, and Uthan corrected him restating that it would make them VERY unwell.  Hokan asked if that meant dead, and Uthan said it depended on the subjects genetic structure.  Hokan was extremely upset he’d been lied to, and tossed Uthan acrossed her desk and told her to never lie to him again!  He gave her one last chance to tell him anything else he needed to know and she said there was nothing else.  He told here that his weapon will now change how they have to fight.  Hokan then decided to seperate her, the biohazardous material, and her staff.  He told her to get moving.  She called him a fool and he told her that she’s lucky she’s important to the Seperatists.  Hokan walked outside and a droid approached, informing him that Captain Hurati was bringing to him a prisoner and a friend that disobeyed orders.  As Hokan passed the droids on defense at the doorway, there stood Hurati with Guta Nay and a Trandoshan Mercenary.  Guta Nay said he has information for him, Hokan says that he better!!…..


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