‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 13 (Part 6)

Saturday, and a busy one at that.  We got up fairly early to get our day going.  We decided now was the time to start getting rid of the cars that are in our driveway.  We took the Plymouth Acclaim that we received four years ago for one dollar around Christmas time to the great big place to Rust in the Sky.  We took the car to “Gary’s U-Pull It” and sold the car to them for about $160 for parts.  We were very careful as to what direction we went down to Conklin because the car still leaks gas when the gas pump kicks in.  We took the route that had the fewest stops for that very reason.  It was nice to get that car out of our driveway and next week we’re looking to also move the Ford Escort out of the garage so we can use it for our current two cars.  We also want to do that before next weekend so my parents can get their car in the driveway and not get a ticket.  When we got done dropping off the car, we went to McDonald’s and got some breakfast rather quickly and then went to East for play rehearsal for a little bit.  Heather was able to hash out some costume issues while I helped with choreagraphy for a little bit.  It wasn’t long, but it was long enough for our kids to get bored.  I ended up letting them into my room to play on keyboards to pass the time.

We left East and came home and Heather and I took a nap because we were both still exhausted from the week.  We then got up, ate lunch, and then started to watch a marathon of “Mythbusters” as I got to work on my Star Wars Mando Costume, in particluar my blasters.  I can’t wait till he first pistol is done and the first half of my CS-6 is finished.  It will give me a real feeling of accomplishment.  Anyway, while I did that, Heather helped the girls get their stuff together as they have a lock-in at the Binghamton Psych Center for Girl Scouts tonight.  After getting them together, she then left, took the girls to the leader’s house and went to work herself.  While they were gone, Austin and I ate dinner together and proceeded to play a game of Nerf gun volleys around the house.  It was a “blast” (get the pun?!!!)!!  Anyway, we then decided to watch the Star Wars:Clone Wars cartoons on DVD and then Austin headed to bed.  While Austin was in bed, I cleaned up around the house and washed dishes and watched “Coyote Ugly” that was on “ABC” in between.  I got to bed at a decent hour tonight as I know tomorrow is going to be a long day as well.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 13 (Part 6):  Etain asked how they keep all the information int heir HUD straight and Atin said that you just get used to it.  She asked if they all communicate with each other through the helmet and Atin said most of the time.  But they have special frequencies and are less obedient than the regular clone troopers, but ARC Troopers are pretty much just like Jengo Fett, independent.  Etain points out that the Republic is using and abusing all clones, but Atin pointed out that they wouldn’t know what else to do with themselves.  She then reaches out and touches his arm and says she knows about his previous two squads and that it is not his fault they died.  Atin said he’d do his best to keep his current squad alive.  Etain then helped Atin finish putting together their version of an I.E.D.  Atin then asked if he could see her lightsaber and she thought it was only fair since she looked at his equipment.  He studied the hilt and then thrashed on the blade.  Atin thought it was impressive and was taken even more aback when she told him that she made it.  Atin turned off the blade and said he’d rather have more distance between himself and his enemy.  As Etain tried to sleep, she kept a watchful presence on Guta-Nay.  He went from consciousness to unconsciousness, for sleep, quite often through the night.  As they got to morning, camp was looking sullen as everyone got little sleep.  As Etain moved around, Fi offered her cold stew, which she gratefully turned down.  She was proud of this squad, and wanted to see them through with their mission, and to survive as one unit.  Then, wihouth hesitation, Etain told Guta-Nay that he wanted to tell Hokan all that he knew and that the clones plan to attack the villa.  Guta-Nay stood up and walked directly toward Imbraani.  Etain knew she sent him to his detah and told Darman it was hard to do so.  Darman said she’ll get used to it, but she doubted that.


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