‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 13 (Part 3)

What a busy day today was.  I am exhausted today because Heather woke me up last night when she came home for whatever reason and it took me an hour to get myself back to sleep.  That’s the only thing that sucks with her coming in at two in the morning.  If I happen to be sleeping lightly at all, then I managed to get disturbed easily.  I keep trying to tell her that we’re getting older now and that she needs to consider either finding another job or trying not to work closing shifts.  It’s starting to get really hard on me and is starting to drain my energy big time!  I don’t think she understands what working a closing shift does to me.

Anyway, my school day went as good as I could have expected.  As soon as school got done, I simply hung around as I needed to take one of the SMASH students from East to the High School for our practice tonight.  I managed to get caught up on some of my grades after school today.  We then headed to the high school for practice.  Things went okay.  They weren’t great, but alright.  But, I keep to the philosophy that we have an okay practice and a great performance.  The practice went over on time and I didn’t get home until almost seven o’clock.  I ate some leftover dinner and headed downstairs to finish grading some papers.  I am so tired and can’t believe all that I’ve done today in the course of twenty four hours.

Okay, enough about me, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 3 (Part 3):  Darman asked about Jinart and Niner said they haven’t seen her in a day.  Niner felt they needed to go after the villa, but felt that it was a poor choice of a place to make a stand-off.  Niner asked for Etain’s holocharts again and Darman and Niner talked about Etain.  Darman felt there was a lot of energy in her, and that she’s not Skirata, but does some pretty cool tricks.  Niner commented that no one can replace Skirata then they noticed that Etain had Guta Nay spilling all the beans.  Niner looked back at Darman and he said tha skill was pretty cool.  Etain walked over and told Niner that Guta Nay didn’t have much information.  He revealed soe info abou Hokan’s personal arsenal and that he likes to bluff and double-bluff.  He also told hr that Hokan has about a hundred battle droids.  Etain suggested that she try to find Jinart aince she can sense when Jinart is around.  She also asked Niner not to call her commander.  Niner asked how she could tell the difference between all of them, and she said each one “felt” different than the other.  She said that all beings are self-aware and therefore felt different in the flow of The Force.  Etain said  that Atin feels especially on edge.  Niner explained that he’s lost all the brothers in his squad twice now.  Etain asked if he’s talked about it and Niner said no.  She offered to help mentally heal Atin about his guilt.  That showed true leadership, caring about her troops……


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