‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chaper 12 (Part 3)

Well, today was quite busy as Friday’s go.  It was a little up and down as far as Fridays go as well.  I left at my usual time to go to work today and I have to admit that it’s nice to have a second car again.  Things are starting to go back to normal again.  My house may seem like it’s going to be getting back to the grind.  At least for now.  I got to work and had a hard time finding my duct tape from tech rehearsal last night.  I came to the conclusion that my crew lost it on me, till later today one of my students let me know where it ended up.  We had a great time recording for music videos this morning.  I feel bad because it can be tedious at times, but that’s the way it is in a real music video, so I guess they get a taste for the real industry.  Things went well today and my class that is podcasting got a chance to taste podcasting today for the first time, which they seemed to get into it as well.  I got done with school and the weather was getting bad.  I can’t believe my school didn’t get out early today, many schools in the area did, but the big five didn’t (Vestal, Union Endicott, Maine-Endwell, Johnson City, and Binghamton), so we didn’t.  I got home and called Jim about our appearance on WBNG news tonight.  We were scheduled to be on their 5:00 p.m. news to be interviewed for SMASH night.  So, Jim called WBNG and they said we should still be on as long as the basketball game doesn’t go over.  Sounds good.  So, I took a quick shower and me, Heather, and the kids took off for the WBNG studio which is at the top of the big hill in Johnson City.  Our car almost didn’t make it to the top of the hill.

The roads were bad.  It got to a point where Heather and I talked about going back if we had to because we didn’t want to put the car in a ditch.  Well, it was slow, but we made it.  We got into the studio,  and they told us that since they were covering another game, they wouldn’t be able to get us in.  Crap!!  All that work, and we won’t be on air.  The next time they can get us on the air is on the 22nd at noon.  Well, I’ll have to check with my principal to see if I can get to the studio for that inerview.  Anyway, we left right away and took our time getting back down the hill.  Heather had to go food shopping, so we went to Aldi’s.  The store has been revamped and looks really nice.  We got our shopping done there and then headed for Wal-Mart.  While there, my oldest daughter hit a milestone in her life.  She had to get her first training bra as it was about that time in life for her (at least according to mom it is).  It just makes me feel way too old as a parent, and I shoudn’t feel that way.  I’m only 30!!  Anyway, we did some shopping and I got a lot of cool things important to me as well.  I managed to find a Royal Scout Interceptor for my Hasbro Die Cast collection.  I also managed to get a whole bunch of stuff for my costume.  I got gloves for the outfit (black mechanics gloves), spray paint for my nerf gun, a pattern for my vest, and a strap for my CS-6.  Lot’s of stuff with lots of work.  We then ate dinner at I-Hop and did some more shopping for Heather and the kids, then stopped to get a video on the way home.  We managed to rent “Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties” and tried to watch that (it was scratched up pretty bad) once we got into the house and settled, which wasn’t until after 10:30 p.m.  What a day.

Okay, so with that busy day done, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 12 (Part 3):  Darman changed the subject and asked Etain if she needed more pain killers but she declined.   He offered her rations and dried Kuvara, but she declined, but insisted that he eat.  Darman then said  he knew a way that they could warm-up and Etain worried it may be a come-on.  Darman left the shelter and come back with a pole and insisted it was time for lightsaber drill.  She said she now wanted to sleep and felt exhausted, but Darman was insistent and she finally lunged at him with the pole, which he easily side-stepped.  Darman then whacked her in the shins with his own pole and told her to do her worst.  Etain swept right then left a few times and then came hown hard on Darmans’ shoulder which made him wince once.  Darman told her to always take advantage when she has it.  Etain asked him how he remianed detached from death.  Darman said it was probably training and part of what was Jengo Fett’s genetic coding.  Etain asked if he was ever hurt during training and he said yeas and told her that others were killed.  He told her they were only four or five when they used live rounds.  Etain admitted that she really found the accelerated growth in clones difficult to comprehend and Darman said Sergeant Skirata  said the same thing.  She asked him what he’ll do in thirty years and he said he’ll be dead because slow clones are killed.  Darman said he would be proud to die when he’s no longer in his prime.  Etain then said all this talk about death is ugly to which Darman said war is ugly.  Then Darman told Etain that Skirata told them that civilians had lofty goals for peace, but nothing focuses you more than someone shooting at you.  He changed the subject and suggested they dry out her clothes with the sun, as it was coming up.  As Darman went to brush some small creatures off the water on the shelter, he asked Etain what they were called as he had seen them at the river where they met.  Etain siad they were called Daywings and that they were pretty miraculous and Darman agreed…..



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