‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Today was Tuesday.  Second day of the week and first day for Math testing by New York State.  I managed to get up at a decent time this morning, got ready for work and Heather drove me in so she had the car to take it to the test drive of the other Mazda we’re looking at.  I got into school and scrambled to get my classroom ready.  I got done with that and sent out an email to the local T.V. channels and got things rolling for a T.V. interview that Jim and I have on WBNG on Friday at five o’clock.  My class got done with testing with me and we watched “Cars” while we waited for everyone else in the building to finish testing.  We picked up classes just before lunch with 5th Period and my 5th Period class caught up with my 4th Period in their Idol project today.  I got done with school and had another tech rehearsal.  I was able to start working with the sound crew today and things seemed to go along pretty well.  I think it’s going to take us at least a few days of set-up to get things going for the entire sound system.  I got done getting all of that together after school and Heather came and picked me up.  She let me know that she really liked the Mazda 300.  It’s a small but quaint car and the engine runs well.  Granted, it’s got 150k miles on it and needs a little bit of a paint job, but what do you expect for $900?  She told me she agreed to buy it and put $600 down on the car and would set up a final time with the owner sometime on Thursday or Friday.  Until then, she has a key to the car to make sure that he doesn’t just run away with our money.  I got home tonight and was so tired that I tried to watch “American Idol” but was literally fighting my eyelids.  So, since Heather was at work, I decided to go to sleep early at ten o’clock.  Tomorrow is going to be an equally busy day.


Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 12 (Part 1):  “Coruscant Command to Republic Assault Ship ‘Majestic’:  You have clearance to intercept any vessel leaving Qiilura space….. engage any vessel failing to comply.  Have biohazard containment standy by.” – Niner got to his feet and looked back at the non-existant ground station.  He headed for the trees and opened his long range comlink.  He called for his team.  Fi answered and said his mission must have been successful.  Niner asked for his sit rep.  Fi told him they had to dump the droids, but Neimoidians can carry a lot of ordonance if you ask them nicely.  He told Niner their ETA to RV was about an hour.  Niner suggested they call Darman in case Jinart hadn’t met up wtih them yet.  Fi suggested he move quickly as opposed to covertly.  As Niner walked away from the blast zone, a landspeeder adn speeder bike started heading right at him, so Niner dropped under the cover of grass.  As the landspeeder got closer, Niner dropped his rifle into sniper position and targeted the Trandoshan driver.  He squeezed the trigger and managed to shatter the ship’s screen.  Both the landspeeder and the speeder bike stopped short.  Niner managed to kill the speeder bike driver thanks to his visual capabilities with night vision.  He hopped onto the now cleared speeder bike and was happy to get off his feet.  He headed south into the woods with the bike…..




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