‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 10 (Part 6)

Oi, what a day today!!  I am totally exhausted and now I am fighting a cold that  I believe my youngest daughter gave me.   Last night, as I was writing my blog, Tara was coughing non-stop.  So, I gave her some medicine figuring this would at least help her to sleep.  Well, it didn’t do any good. Heather even came home at two in the morning, heard her coughing, and gave her more medicine.  It just didn’t seem to help her.  I was wheezing a little when I went to bed last night and this morning I woke up with a full on cold.  I was coughing and wheezing and the whole nine yards.  But, I went to school anyway.  My classes were okay except for that one trouble class.  Everything came to a head today about that class and the Vice Principal and I had to come up with a game plan on how to handle it, as the current plan isn’t working.  We’re going to start using a “zero tolerance” plan for the sake of the students in that classroom that do want to learn.  I got done with school and managed to get some things organized in my classroom as I listened to ALTA Radio #2 and I was really impressed with what I’ve heard so far on the review of the Star Trek movies.  After that, I headed over to SMASH rehearsal.  While there I realized that I have a whole bunch of things that I have to do for SMASH yet that I’ll have to do this weekend while I’m at home without the kids.  So, not a free weekend this weekend.  I have a TON of work that needs to get done while my wife is away with the kids at my in-laws and I’m home alone.  Anyway, I got done with SMASH and raced home so that Heather could get Tara to Girl Scouts and then found out that Tara was too sick to go to Girls Scouts.  I ate dinner (waffles, by the way) and then decided to take a bath before going to work downstairs.  I got downstairs and worked on some more info for TJCS #9 and then watched “Jericho” on T.V. and then my “American Idol” tapes.  Heather went to CVS to get me NyQuil so I can sleep tonight.  Let’s hope that does the trick.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss……

Chapter 10 (Part 6):  They ordered the Weequay out of the room and cuffed him.  Niner told the prisoner that they would probably kill him as they didn’t plan on prisoners.  That’s when the Weequay introduced himself as Guta-Nay, Hokan’s former right-hand man.  He offered to help them, use his knowledge and give them key-code access to buildings.  Atin said that he either comes with and helps them or they kill him now.  Guta Nay also offers the help of his Neimoidian boss since he’s mad at Hokan for putting robots in his new villa.  They ask him about Uthan and he says she’s still in the villa.  Atin then agrees to take Guta-Nay with them and asks where the mechanics take the raw rock.  Guta Nay says they go to a big place south of Teklet.  Atin told them all to wait a minute.  He went outside, hoped into the scoop of one of the droids and performed a bypass, explaining to the rest of them that they can only start, steer, and stop the machine in this way.  He suggested they drive them right into town, including their explosives.  Niner even thought to himself that they may be able to knowck out their communications which would give the clones the ability to use long-range comlinks.  Niner then came up with a master plan.  He’d take a bulldozer droid to Teklet while Fi and Atin would load up as much ordonance as they could and head for Jinart’s rendezvous point.  Niner asked Guta Nay if the ground station was defended and Guta Nay said no.  Fi and Atin loaded the explosives in one bulldozer droid and threw Guta Nay on top.  He got nervous, but Atin told him to relax and he kept throwing the electronic detonators into the air and catching them.  They all commented on Jinart as an asset as they shared a bottle of water.  Then Guta Nay went crazy at the sight of them with their helmets off, although they didn’t know why since he was bound and gagged…..


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