‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 10 (Part 5)

All I can say is GLOBAL WARMING MY ASS!!!!  Somebody needs to bring Al Gore to Binghamton, NY today and discuss his issues with the supposed global warming that is going on.  It was beyond freezing cold here today!  The high for the day was two degrees.  With wind chill it felt like twenty below.  Man it totally redefined cold for me and I thought Potsdam did that a while ago, but Mike, today came pretty close to Potsdam style weather.  I went outside and my nose hairs got out of my nose, looked at me and said, “I don’t think so!!” and then stood straight up, military style in my nose!!  Okay, enough of the joking.  I got a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning.  My phone rang and the school member that calls me during delays was on the other end letting us know that we have a two-hour delay.  Thirty minutes or so later, school was cancelled.  I got excited!!  I slept in a little and then got a whole mess load of work done.  I got a lot of my notes done for TJCS #9 and worked on catching up on my blog a little as well.  More importantly, I started organizing files on my laptop and my new external Hard Drive, which I haven’t been able to do since I got the Hard Drive.  I finished grading some papers for school and organized myself for tomorrow.  It was really a long day for me, even though there wasn’t any school.  Heather managed to go to Curves for the first time ever today.  She’s part of a study there where she will be measured and weighed at the beginning of the program and then measured and weighed at the end to see if Curves had an effect.  I believe she does this for two months and gets a free two-month membership out of the deal and then gets a discount on a one-year membership.

Anyway, Heather braved the elements and went there to do some working out and then went to Wendy’s to do some manager-type work that she needed to complete.  She brought home some lunch from Wendy’s and I got a chance to try their new chicken sandwich called a “four alarm”.  This one was right up my alley!!  It has spicy chicken, spicy chipolte sauce, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeno peppers.  Woohoo!! Was it spicy!  Loved it!!  We then continued with our day and then ate dinner together as a family.  In amongst the other things that happened today, Austin managed to find the slide to his Boy Scout uniform.  I found it interesting that he found it in his garbage can which he swears was not possible even though I told him to check there several times.  Of course, throughout the day, I couldn’t help but grab my Nerf gun and having some fun with the kids throughout the day.

Heather left for work shortly after dinner.  The kids cleaned up the dinner table and I went downstairs and did some spray painting for my Mando costume.  My redo on my helmet is coming along very nicely and I think the Nerf Maverick’s are going to come out looking really cool.  I’ll make sure to take some pics once their done and put them on this blog.  Heather and I also discussed my desperate want to go to Dragon Con this year.  We agreed it would be tight, but that we would make it work and we would try to get my Mando Costume for Dragon Con.  That’s right, you heard me correct.  I now have a deadline for my Mando Costume.  It’s going to need to be done by Labor Day 2007.  Let’s hope I can get it done!  After the kids went to bed, I watched some T.V. shows, which included “American Idol”, “Law and Order:Criminal Intent”, and “Law and Order:Special Victims Unit”.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 10 (part 5):  Fir and Niner were just north of Imbraani as industrial droids blasted through rock.  The quarry in front of them didn’t appear to have organic sentients, but the quarry was massive with one building having thick, sturdy, alloy walls.  Niner and Atin headed for the building while Fi stayed behind to provide cover.  They used the droids as cover to maneuver closer to the building.  Once at the building, Atin used a scope to look inside the doorway before pressing onward and said he heard no sounds and saw what looked like a pretty tight fit.  Atin pulled out a handheld ram, counted down from three and rammed the door open.  As the door fell in, they were put on their backs by the blaster fire coming out.  Atin used the endoscope to let Niner know that there were two combatants inside.  So, the played a mental game with them and tossed in a fake grenade next to the quarry explosives.  Within seconds, two Weequay came running out in fear and were shot by the two clones.  Niner let Fi know that they were now all clear.  Atin pointed to the droid with a bunch of explosives and said that was their new demolitions expert to which Niner said he preferred Darman.  Niner opened the control panel on the droid and deactivated it.  They gathered some of the ordonance, as much as they could carry when they heard a crash and speaking in the adjoining room…..




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