‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 10 (Part 4)

Well, it’s Monday and it was back to the grind as it were.  When we got up this morning, Tara was not feeling well.  So, Heather called in to work so she could stay home with Tara and I headed off to school.  As this quarter has gone on, I can’t believe how all over the map my classes are.  My first period eighth grade and nineth period sevnenth grade are ahead of schedule, my fifth period sixth grade and seventh period eighth grade are right on schedule, and my fourth period sixth grade are about a day behind.  It makes it hard to plan my lesson plans around these classes when they are spread out all over the place.  But, I have actually been able to keep up and have done pretty well at staying organized in the process.  I just realized today that this is the last week I have before the “chaos” sets in.  I mean the chaos of the musical at my school.  For the next month and a half I will be staying after school pretty late each night to set up the sound and lights for the musical and working with my tech crew to get them acclimated to what they need to do.  So, I really need to have everything organized so that I once I start staying after like that, I have everything together, ready to go.  It’s a busy time but a fun time all at once.

I went home after school today and Heather told me that Tara seemed to be feeling a little better and more importantly, did no have a fever anymore.  As soon as I got in the door, Heather offered to cut my hair as she had cut Austin’s hair just before he went to school today.  I said sure and told her to buzz it all down again.  We got done with that and started getting things together for dinner.  After dinner, Austin was told to get dressed for Scouts.  We were supposed to be going to the NOAA observatory by the airport, but Austin was having a problem with his uniform.  He couldn’t find his neckerchief slide.  I told him that a Boy Scout does not go out improperly dressed.  After we missed the deadline to leave, I told him he had the entire night to search for it since he was not going to the meeting now.  While he did that, I went downstairs and watched some T.V. while I graded papers.  It’s not looking good for tommorow according to the weather report as it’s supposed to be REALLY cold.  It’s possible that I may be looking at a delay tommorow for school.  We then watched some of our usual shows, then realized that many were repeats.  So, we watched “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Class”, “Heroes”, and then watched “The Secret Life of….” on the Food Network and they covered waffles and pancakes.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss….

Chapter 10 (Part 4):  Darman gestured to her, telling her to count to three and open the front door, whle he took care of the four outside the far wall.  Etain got behind the door, held her lightsaber oer her head ready to strike.  And Etain counted to three.  As she hit “three” she opene the front door and sliced down with her lightsaber.  As she did so, Darman blew a grenade from his grenade launcher through the wall and managed to shoot out two in a short matter of time.  Etain told him that there were two of them coming towards that wall.  Darman shot his Deece through the whole in the wall and saw two Trandoshans firing back at him.  One of them managed to bounce a shot off Darman’s shoulder and he managed to only injure one of the soldiers outside who is now screaming in agony.  Darman told Etain to load up as they were now going to leave.  Darman snuck outside with Eatin and shot the now wounded soldier in the head to kill him.  Darman wondered if Etain could sense droids as they headed toward the lean-to.  As Etain put on her pack she was bewildered at the fact that Darman had shot that Trandoshan in the head and killed him.  Darman explained to her that war is war and the enemy is out to kill you and you better kill them first.  Etain was shocked that she had killed the Umbaran that she had.  Darman told her they would not go to safe houses as no hous is safe on the planet anymore.  Etain commented that Jedi never kill people in trainin and Darman said that clones do.  Etain wondered if the farmers turned in their position and Darman figured they had.  Darman asked her if she could detect droids with The Force and Etain commented that it has to be, as a blue bolt shot over their heads and splintered a tree ahead of them.….


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