‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 10 (Part 2)

Okay, it’s Saturday and it was a busy Saturday at that.  We had to get up at a decent hour today as we had a wedding to go to in the Syracuse area.  We got up around nine o’clock and we all got dressed up.  Our friend Charlie (that’s Charlie Arney from our “What If” segments on TJCS) was getting married today.  So, once we got dressed up, we were on the road by about ten o’clock.  We went down to Pennsylvania to get gas and saved about a dime a gallon.  We came back up to Vestal and we stopped off at Target to get my new Nerf gun.  I managed to get the Nerf Longshot and I plan on altering and using that gun as my main weapon of choice for my custom Mando costume.  Anyway, we got done doing that (and of course I had to test the toy in the parking lot on my son) and then we went to Arby’s as a family to eat lunch.  We then got on the road around one o’clock or so.  We got to Cicero at about two-thirty.  We had some time to socialize before the wedding and Heather and I sat at a table with Darren and Nicky, two Star Wars Fanforcers from the Rochester area.  Actually, Nicky is in charge of the Rochester group.  Anyway, we had some great conversations with them and my son tore their ears off about “Star Wars Legos” which he just can’t seem to stop talking about.  Charles’ wedding was beautiful and actually almost brought a tear to my eye.  It was nice to be involved in a day like this for Charles, even if it’s in just a small way.

We had to leave a the wedding a little early because we wanted to get the kids on the road before it was too late so they could go home and spend some time winding down before bed and church tomorrow.  We got on the road and the kids were out!!  They were exhausted from playing and running around at the reception.  Heather was even so tired, that we changed seats in Lafayette and I drove the rest of the way home.  We stopped in at Wendy’s so Heather could grab some stuff to work on and went home.  We got home, played with the Longshot for a while and then the kids went to bed.  Heather and I went downstairs and watched two movies together.  We watched “Poseidon” (the modern version) which was totally lame and just sucked compared to the original, and then we watched “V for Vendetta”.  That movie was interesting.  I lost Heather about halfway through but it had my attention throughout the entire movie and I think Natalie Portman gave an amazing performance.  Her best since Star Wars Episode III!!  Great movie, and I highly recommend it for any Sci/Fi fan.  I then went to bed around midnight.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 10 (Part 2):  As Etain entered the room, Darman said he would take the partially open door and she needed to cover the back door.  Etain pulled out her lightsaber as Darman kicked the door down.  Darman told her that they left in a hurry.  At this point, Darman pointed out that no one was watching their gear.  He suggested that they not lay up here, for they don’t know why the occupants left in such a hurry.  They grabbed some food and Darman pumped some water through a filter from a water pump outside.  Darman looked hurt, so Etain asked if it was his leg, but Darman said his leg was healed.  As they carried on, the rain turned into a steady drizzle.  They came upon a farm farther up the road where and elderly woman sat on the porch of the main structure.  Etain talked to her and got permission to use their lean-to.  Darman disconnected the comlink in his helmet just in case Niner tried to call him and then laid out a set of AP micro-mines in case anyone got ideas, and put them on a remote that he had.  They put their cart under the lean-to and headed for the house.  As they did, Darman noted the best observation points to the road from the house…..




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