‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 9 (Part 4)

This day was busy and exhausting all at once.  It just didn’t seem to end and I never thought I would actually ever get to the house for good to actually relax.  It started off this morning with all of the kids and I getting ready for school and going about our usual business.  Heather had to take me to school today as she was going to the OB to talk about getting her tubes tied with him.  I got let off at school and she took off with the kids.  I later found out that her morning was pretty busy as well.  She got home with the kids and went to put them on the bus when the dentist office called and said that they had a problem.  Evidently the cast they made of Ruth’s mouth yesterday to make her mouthpiece for the tooth that is still in her mouth in the wrong spot, broke.  So, Heather quick grabbed the kids and went to the dentist’s office and had Ruth in there to have another cast made.  She was still able to get the kids to school on time even with all of this.  She then went to work.

School was okay today.  My students seemed to behave okay and we seemed to get quite a bit done today.  For some reason, I was exhausted today, though.  I don’t know if it’s trying to get back to the “grind” or if my sleep pattern has simply changed.  Heather showed up at school during fifth period today, so she observed my class while we finished the period.  When we got done, she mentioned that she forgot about the drama that occurs at the middle school level.  I laughed and said that every middle school teacher is well aware of the drama in their classroom.  She then talked about some other options other than getting her tubes tied.  So, we have some decisions to make in the next month or two.  The scary thing is that none of these surgeries or procedures will be 100% effective.  Wha?  Really?  That’s right, some females have had their tubes tied or cut, and they grew back!!  Really!!  Okay, so I guess there is no way to stop God.  If he wants you to be pregnant, then he’ll simply change the rules of science and nature and make it happen.  Anyway, we got done and Heather went down to talk to the Family and Consumer Science teacher in my building about her overlock machine, while I went back to lunch with my lunch bunch group.

Finished the day and had to go to a staff meeting after school.  This one was about the IB visit, which is supposed to happen soon.  I guess anyone from IB could ask us any questions about the program anywhere within the building or may even bring us in to a room for questioning.  I feel like it’s almost like the Spanish Inquisition.  Anyway, got done with the meeting and called Heather to come pick me up.  In the meanwhile, Ruth had been doing a favor for me, and cooking butterscotch/oatmeal cookies for our school luncheon tomorrow.  Anyway, the kids and Heather came and picked me up and we headed for Wendy’s.  The kids ate dinner and I had a small fry as my meeting tonight was supposed to have food at it.   We ate and talked together for a little bit and then Heather had to go to work while I headed home quick.  I got to the house and ran downstairs to set the VCR to tape “American Idol” and the kids got their homework and some toys and we headed for my Vestal Marching Band meeting.

We got to the director’s house and I made a CD for the director of music ideas that we could use for next year’s show.  We talked a lot about last year and then looked ahead to the future and what we’re going to do for next year’s show.  We ate some pizza and wings for dinner and had a good meeting, but a long one as well.  We started at six and ended the meeting at nine.  We got done with the meeting and I called Heather to let her know we were coming.  We got to Wendy’s and picked her up and went home.  Got the kids to bed right away and Heather had to get right back to work.  She worked till two in the morning and I went downstairs and watched a little T.V. before bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 9 in “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 9 (Part 4):  Darman started to give a rough, out of sclae mop on the ground where he marked the three RV’s, the droid base, and Uthan’s lab; Etain helped him mark Lik Ankkit’s house and Imbraani and Teklet.  Etain asked why they were doing this in the dirt and Darman said Skirata didn’t like holos, too tranparent.  Suddenly, Jinart came dashing in telling them they had to go, as the enemy was burning the fields to the East to take away their cover.  Jinart said they would have to disguise themselves as farmers now.  Etain had no problem with this, but Darman said he needed alll his gear.  He has the ordonance to blow up the research facility.  Jinart told him to put it all in a cart, including his armor, and take it with him adn got to a safe house.  Jinart told him he would find his squad and let them know what’s going on.  Even out of armor, Darman didn’t look like a farmer, though.  He was tall, strong, adn didn’t look like he worked a day in his life.  As they took a step outside, it appeared as if it was going to rain, so they had no problem covering up their gear with tarps.  Darman noted that there was at least a million dollars in Barq going up in smoke.  Darman told Etain that she needed  to remove her Jedi braid and she hesitated.  She believed her beliefs in her power were wrapped in that barid and by removing it, she felt as if she was admittting that she really wasn’t a good Jedi.  She told Darman that he probably wouldn’t think she would run from a fight, but Darman referred to it as Escape and Evasion.  Etain apologized for losing it earlier and Darman said that we all have to loose it sometime, or we’ll never know where our breaking point is.  Etain found Darman more endearing than Master Fulier, but couldn’t help but think that she was saving clones from viruses only to see them die by blaster fire.  She didn’t like the idea of having to kill someone…..




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