‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 9 (Part 3)

What a Monday.  It was time to get back to the grind and time to get back to work.  It started off with a small amount of snow on the ground.  Not enough to stop me from getting to work on time though.  When we got up, the kids went outside to shovel snow and I joined them for a little while, then went inside and took my shower.  Heather had to take me to work today because she needed to take the car so she could take Ruth to the dentist today.  Tomorrow she needs the car again as she needs to go see and OBGYN to talk about getting her tubes tied.  Anyway, I got into the building and things seemed normal till I got the the second floor and noticed that the ceiling tiles on one end of the halway were completely missing.  Huh, they don’t do that for any old particular reason.  So, I asked someone what was going on and I got kind of a negative shrug.  Later that morning I found out that a water main had broke in the building on the fourth floor and managed to bring water from the fourth floor all the way down to the ground.  Even the outside of the building managed to have a thick layer of ice on it.  I felt bad for those teachers and didn’t know how any of us could even help.  Anyway, my classes went alright today.  They seemed to get right back into the swing of things pretty easily.  I did have a few students who seemed tired today, but I’m sure they’ll be on top of their game tomorrow.  Classes went pretty well, although the one class I’m struggling with was right back at it again today.  They just keep testing the waters.

I got done with school and Heather was pretty prompt with picking me up.  We got in the car and headed home.  Once we got there, all of our new computer equipment arrived from Heather’s uncle.  It was pretty awesome.  We had a memory stick for the desktop (512 MB), a connection for the extended hard drive and the network from Linksys, and a Sony external DVD-RW.  So, we got all the stuff unpacked and got to work.  I now have an external hard drive connected to my network that has 300 GB on it.  We were also able to double the speed of the desktop computer with the RAM installed and I was able to at least install the information for the external DVD drive on the laptop.  Needless to say, I’m now technologically hooked up at my house which is pretty cool!!

So, I got done installing all that stuff tonight just in time to eat dinner with the family.  When we finished with dinner, Austin and I shoved right off to Scouts and then came home.  I then joined Heather downstairs and we watched our usual Monday night shows together and went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 9 (Part 3):  RV Gamma @ Nightfall:  Niner asked Atin how he felt now and Atin responded saying much better.  Niner then copied his old sergeant Scarata and asked him if he wanted dry rations or dry rations for dinner.  Atin told him that his unit was trained by Walon Vau although he heard of Skirata.  He said Vau taught them to plan for the worst and using your technology to it’s maximum potential.  Atin said he heard Skirata was a good instructor, and Niner said he was because he cared.  Niner decided that since Fi was on watch, he could sleep a little.  So, he put his helmet on and fell asleep.  Fi woke him up to let him know there was a contact forty klicks to the East near Imbraani.  What they picked up was red hot, but it wasn’t an explosion.  They watched as smoke billowed and Fi said they wouldn’t burn garbage at nigth, they’ve found something.  They all feared tha they found Darman and were trying to flush him out.  Niner took it as good news, because this meant that Darman survived.  The next plan was to search the entire area from Teklet to Imbraani looking for Darman…..


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