‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 9 (Part 2)

Okay, so it was Sunday and quite honestly I was still exhausted from yesterday.  Heather and I had a discussion last night and we decided to not head to church this morning for a few reasons.  First off, Austin and I are both still exhausted from yesterday.  It was a lot of running around and I had a whole bunch of eight year olds to keep track of while we were running around two.  Some of which had a whole mess of energy.  So, Heather and I got up fairly late this morning, by sleeping in today until nine o’clock.  God, I remember when sleeping in meant sleeping till eleven o’clock and it may only be a two hour difference, but two hours is a big deal when it comes to sleep.  We went downstairs as a family to watch the movie “R.V.”.  That was a hysterical movie!!  Even my kids found it funny and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.  It stars Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels and has a funny running story throughout the movie.  It reminds me of a mix of “Dumb and Dumber” and “Road Trip” and if you’ve seen either movies, then you will probably enjoy “R.V.”.  We got done with that and I continued to work on painting my nerf gun.  I was extremely disappointed earlier this week as I had put on the first coat on my helmet and it came out great.  Then, three days later (on Friday), I put on the second coat and it started to bubble up on portions of the helmet.  Today I started to play with it and found out the Krylon primer either didn’t dry or didn’t adhere to the helmet.  So, I used my rotary tool and took those portions of the helmet down to the original helmet and then sanded and tonight I painted on a new coat of primer using “American Tradition” primer.  I just hope I can build the paint back up to the right level of paint, otherwise I’ll have apparent gauges in the helmet.  I painted that and put the first layer of Red paint on my nerf gun and took that upstairs to dry.  I think that the humidity in the basement is having an effect on the paint drying, so all my paint will dry upstairs now, where there is less humidity and more heat.

While I was doing all of that, Austin and I watched the Nascar race in California.  It was an interesting race and his favorite driver, Robby Gordon, ended up coming in 23rd place.  It doesn’t seem impressive, but Robby’s had a good start to the season when he placed 15th in Daytona and 23rd in California.  If you compare it to last year, 35th and then a “no finish”, then Robby’s doing pretty well.  I then ate dinner with the family and got things together for school which starts back up tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe that vacation is over tomorrow.  So, after I got things together, we went downstairs to watch T.V.  In a vain effort to avoid the Academy Awards, we watched “Amazing Race” and taped “Grease, You’re the One That I Want” and tried not to watch the Academy Awards.  We watched a small portion of the awards (the performance of Beyone) but managed to miss the rest.  I really hate the Academy Awards, and I won’t go into that whole rant again, but I am pissed off that Al Gore is getting an award this year!!  Gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with the Democrats wanting to win the next presidential race and how they need money from Hollywood to back them up, would it?!!  (Note the massive amount of sarcasm in my voice)

Okay, enough of my talking about the Academy Awards, it’s time to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart.  Star Wars!!! Let’s cover Chapter 9, Part 2 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 9 (Part 2):  Jinart then informed Darman that she is in communication with another Gurlanin on the planet acting as “comlinks” for the soldiers.  Then Jinart tells Darman that Ghez Hokan is in charge of security and knows that his comrades are after Uthan.  She also tells him that his comrades are leaving behind a pretty conspicuous trail of parts and bodies to track down.  Etain probed inot whether she could trust Jinart and how Jinart could have information to such info from Hokan.  Jinart told her that she makes a convincing old man and an excellent grandmother.  Jinart said Darman’s comrades are in a hopeless situation and that he’ll need to go find them and direct them to a safe spot.  Darman didn’t know what to do and turned to Etain and asked his commander what to do; to which she said she was not a commander adn that he was the soldier, so he needs to come up with a plan.  Darman did as commanded and agreed, but Jinart told him he needed to go outside while they talked.  Once Darman stepped out, Jinart got nasty and got in Etain’s face.  She told her that she needs to pull it together because these Commandos are the only ones that are keeping the Seperatists from taking over the galaxy.  She told Etain to lead or step aside.  Jinart told Etain that she can doubt herself, but those men don’t doubt her for one second.  Jinart also told her that if she weren’t a Jedi, he would have killed her days ago.  She left the room, leaving behind a kneeling, and bewildered Jedi.  Darman comes back into the room and tries to explain to Etain about a plan where he would split the squad as a diversion to make Hokan think they have fallen for the trap.  Darman then asks her what she thinks of him and she said she sees him as a man bred to obey.  Darman says he has a choice in his ability to interpret orders.  Etain then talked to him about Jedi and Darman showed confidence in her abilities.  He was the first person to do so in a long time.  Etain gave him strict orders taht he was to think of her as a commander in training and that he needs to stop her if anything she does or says will jeopardize their mission.  She then told Darman to go on with the explanation of his plan…..




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