‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 8 (Part 3)

Okay, so for me, today was the last day of vacation.  Tomorrow I would be going to Albany and Sunday would be spent cleaning up from the week and seeing what we could do to prepare for the week.  I got up fairly late this morning and watched Dr. Phil.  I then worked on some notes for the next TJCS episode and realized that I hadn’t interviewed Jeff Roney all week long as I had planned and Jeff hadn’t answered any of my emails.  So, I headed over to the Galactic Senate message boards and discovered that he was going through his own crisis.  With that in mind, I decided that I would make Ian my primary interview for the next episode.  However, this means that my next episode will definetly not be out on time.  First off, I’m behind on interviews, notes, and recording.  Second, March 1st is my anniversary and not only is it my anniversary, but it’s my 10th anniversary, so there’s no way I’m going to get it out that night.  I’ve decided to delay the release of TJCS #9 until the 15th of March.

Anyway, I got done doing some notes for the show, when I decided now was the time to try and figure out why I can’t finish Star Wars Legos.  Then I discovered that I don’t have all the parts to the Tantive IV and then I started working on the game.  I got done with figuring out some of the levels and then went upstairs and got some lunch with the kids.  Heather joined us downstairs as we watched some T.V. together and then the kids begged me to watch some Star Trek again.  So, we started “Star Trek:Inssurection” at about three o’clock and Heather made a “mobile” dinner which we brought downstairs and watched “Star Trek:Nemesis” while we ate dinner.  And that, was that.  The kids went upstairs to watch “The Lizzy Maguire Movie” while I watched “Saw II” downstairs and freaked myself out!!!  I loved it!!  Anyway, got done with the movie and went to bed as I knew tomorrow was going to be a long day spent with young Boy Scouts all day long in Albany.

Time to talk about Part 3 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 8 (Part 3):  Etain then asked Darman how many clones were on the planet and Darman told her four.  She couldn’t believe there were only four of them, and in her mind she couldn’t understand how four ten year olds were even going to come close to the Uthan complex.  Darman told her that he was cloned from Jengo Fett and has gone through intense training and that they all fight very differently.  Etain then offered him some bland food from the planet of Qiilura and Darmand was excited.  He then gave her a ration cube to show her what he’s been eating up until now.  Etain felt they were being treated like farm animals and asked what he liked to do in his free time to which Darman said study.  As he continued to eat, Etain dried and cleaned herself off.  Having a female in he room almost put Darman in a state of fear.  Darman says he needs to get to his RV point ASAP as he’s been out of contact with his squad for almost two days.  Etain makes an off-color comment about there only being one fighter on the planet now and Darman says there’s actually two, citing her.  Etain said to not count on her as she wasn’t exactly the best Jedi.  She then asked him to point out on the map where his RV point was.  Darman pointed out the RV using his coordinates and explained to her why they have rally points.  Then she sees coordinates for a building and asks what it is.  Darman says it’s their primary target, the Uthan complex.  Etain says they’re wrong and shows him that it’s actually the Seperatist garrison adn that his squad is heading towards a hundred battle droids or more.  Now they HAD to find his squad.  Then a woman snuck into the room and informed them that the droids were heading for Imbraani as Darman pulled out his blaster and aimed it at her head.


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