‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Okay, it’s Thursday and for Heather it was “stress day” for her.  She had an apointment at Lourdes Hospital to get her chest checked out since she had the pains she had been having last week.  They are going to take a chest C.T. there at the hospital and they said a specialist should tell her anything of importance on the spot.  That made her feel better as she felt that this may give her some answers.  Her apponintment was at eleven-thirty this morning, so we slept in a little.  We slept in till nine this morning and then we got together and ate breakfast together as a family.  We got done with that and started to get ready to go to the hospital.  I told each of the kids to grab one book to read at the hospital.  Even Tara has started to read.  She’s starting to be able to read most of the Dr. Seuss books with some help.  I’m so proud of her.  She’s able to read some basic books and she’s only in Kindergarten.  Of course, this frustrates Austin all the more.  Anyway, we then headed off to the hospital.  I never realized just how much hospitals are their own little cities until I was in one with Heather today.  We went with her to support her and make her feel like she has a family that stands behind her.  She said she wanted me there in case there was bad news, I think she just wanted me there in general.  The kids behaved wonderfully and there were a few people in the waiting room and they all said they were very impressed with how well behaved our kids were.  Heather got done and told me that the doctors took the scan and found nothing.  It didn’t make her feel any better and it didn’t make her feel any worse either.

The good news is that there isn’t any bad news.  The bad news is that we’re no longer anywhere further along than we were a week ago.  The specialist said he would pass the scan and photos back to doctor Paul and see where he wanted to go from there.  Heather then had to go to work to get some things done quickly, so we went to Wendy’s when I told Heather that we should do something for the kids since they behaved so well in the hospital.  Then we remembered that we got a coupon for a free lunch for Tara’s birthday to Applebees.  So, as a treat, we took the kids to Applebees for a late lunch.  When we were done with that we came home and while Heather took a nap again, the kids and I went downstairs and watched “Star Trek:First Contact” and then watched two episodes of Star Trek Voyager.  Ironically it’s the episodes that introduced Seven of Nine of the Borg faction (which is what “First Contact” is all about).  This made Ruth even more interested in Star Trek and every time they see it on the guide for cable, they ask me to switch to it.  I’ve created a monster with this, in a way, and it’s only going to get worse if Star Wars goes to T.V.

We ate dinner together and Heather and I went downstairs and worked on various projects.  I am currently putting the second coat of black on my nerf blasters and am waiting for the first coat of paint to dry on my Mando helmet before putting on my second coat.  We just ordered my second jumpsuit yesterday and it should be here fairly soon.  That means that I’m then onto the phase of putting the two jumpsuits together, making the vest and then it’s onto working with Sintra.  I may actually be able to get this Mando cotuming done sooner than I thought.  I thought it would take three or four years, when in reality it may only take a year or two.  Awesome!  After doing some work, we watched our usual Thursday night shows (“Survivor”, “C.S.I.”, and then watched some “Everybody Loves Raymond”).

Okay, let’s talk about Part two of Chapter eight of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 8 (Part 2):  Darman looked around the barn for emergency escapes and found loose boards that would work in a pinch.  He slumped down on bales of hay.  Etain asked Darman what was wrong with him as she sensed his distress.  Darman told her that he broke his leg when he free fell from a vessel and that he was now hungry from his thus long journey.  Etain then asked the clone to call her Etain and not “commander” and then asked Darman to take off his helmet.  Etain then pulled out her holoshpere of the plans of all the Seperatist and Neimoidian structures on the planet.  Right down to the materials and building styles.  Darman couldn’t believe his eyes, this padawan held the man that could make achieving their objective very easy.  Etain asked him what thier mission was.  Darman told her they were here to abduct Ovolot Qail Uthan, destroy her clone-killing nanovirus, and blow up the facility.  Then Darman explained to her that he was one of millions of clones who are being commanded by Jedi Generals all over the galaxy.  Darman was distracted while they were talking as he realized he was seeing his first female in close contact since his conception.  Etain commented that there were millions like him, but Darman corrected her and said that the Commandos Division is looked upon as being eccentric.  Etain told him that her master gaver here the information cube and that an old woman told her that he was coming…..


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