‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 7 (Part 8)

Tuesday and another busy day for me.  I got up fairly early to get to SMASH.  I got everything together including my laptop, my digital camera, my new shoes, my SMASH shirt, and all my stuff for SMASH.  Got to rehearsal and we got going right away.  We were able to rehearse most of the morning from ten o’clock till about quarter after noon.  Then we broke for about a half hour for lunch break (pizza) and then took a group picture for the photo for the posters.  We got done with that and then practiced till two o’clock.  I came home and looked at my Nerf guns and decided I needed to put on another coat of primer on them.  This means I’ll have to wait until tommorrow to paint them.  But, I was able to finish cutting out my flames out of the tape and spray paint my Mando helmet with it’s first layer of red paint.  It’s going to look pretty awesome if I can pull it off correctly.  Heather got going to work after a while as they wanted her in early tonight.  The kids and I made dinner and then had it (hot dogs and mac and cheese – their favorite).  We then went downstairs and started to watch “Star Trek VI:The Undiscovered Country” when I discovered that I have “Undiscovered Country” in my house.  I never bought “Star Trek:Nemesis”.  I called Heather and she promised that tomorrow she would go out and buy it for me from Circuit City on DVD.  That’s significant considering that the only advanced version of Star Trek that I have is “Undiscovered Country” on Laserdisc.  I guess it’s time to upgrade all my Star Trek to DVD.  Anyway, the kids were upset with me when I had to turn off the movie so I could tape “American Idol” for my classes since we’re reviewing Season Six with my sixth grade classes.  I promised them we would watch the rest of it tomorrow.  They headed to bed and I watched “American Idol” and “Law and Order:Criminal Intent” and then went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 7 (Part 8):  Ghez Hokan observed the scrap heap that had been bested by snipers and only two grenade rounds.  He wondered if these experts were working alone or in platoon.  Lieutenant Cuvin came back saying there was no sign of a camp, just troops lying in a prone position.  Second Lieutenant Hurati was excited to find a second pile of droid parts, but this time they were arranged.  One of the stumps near the pile held up a droid that looked up, almost like an alter.  Hokan felt he was being mocked.  He put a curfew on all vehicles.  Hurati pointed out that the farmers rely on transports to get their crops to Teklet for shipping.  Ghez Hokan suggested they use hand carts.  Hokan go on his bike and headed for his new base of operations, all the while contemplating his new enemy.  Quick, precise, and small; not the type of war he was used to.  I fhe didn’t know any better he would swear he was fighting Jengo Fett himself.


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