‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 7 (Part 7)

Well, this Monday started off very slow and lazy and ended in some personal stress for me.  Heather and I actually slept in this morning until nine o’clock and then got up and decided to be lazy and watch “Dr. Phil” downstairs.  We actually didn’t like the episode and ended up switching to a rerun of “Frasier”.  It wasn’t long before I was on the computer today and just goofing around and checking things out and searching random stuff about Star Wars and Star Trek.  As I did that, I realized that I hadn’t reloaded AIM on my computer and decided to put it on my computer again.  As I did this, the kids wandered downstairs and asked if they could watch Star Trek.  So, Heather let us watch “Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home” and “Star Trek V:The Final Frontier”.  I feel lucky that Heather was willing to put up with it, but she seemed alright with the idea.  While we watched the movies, I IM’ed with Josh and Scott and had a good time catching up with everyone for a little bit.  I don’t get a chance to do that very often, so it was nice to be able to do.  It was fun to be able to talk to my friends and find out how they are doing.  As I talked to Josh, I began to realize that my life this week wasn’t really a vacation.  I won’t have a vacation thanks to Scouts and SMASH.  In some ways, I’m okay with that, and in other ways I think it’s sad that I don’t get any time to me.  But, that’s the life of being a music teacher and a father.  We got done with the two movies and our morning and afternoon were done with the movies.  That’s when the personal stress kicked in for me.  Also while watching the movies, I taped up my Mando helmet and had put on my second coat of red paint on my Nerf guns yesterday.  I finished with that and followed the directions I read and waited twelve hours and started to work on putting the gun back together around three o’clock or so.  Well, as I started to put it together, I left behind fingerprints and then, the paint began to smudge and peel.  That’s when I went back to the can and read the fine print (at the bottom of the directions and warnings) that read “for maximum adhesion, it’s suggested that the paint sit for 72 hours between coats”.  72 hours!!  Three days!!!  Okay, massive mistake.  So, in the process of trying to steel wool off all the paint, I broke the gun.  CRAP!!!!  Now I’m back to square one and things weren’t looking good.  Heather made a suggestion at dinner.  She had to go to JoAnn’s to use her coupons she got in the mail.  So, why not stop at Target and get another Nerf gun to work with (they were only seven dollars each), get some stuff at Lowes and come home.  So, we did exactly that.  We went to JoAnn’s and we got materials for her Star Wars dress, including beads and then stopped at Target, got my Nerf gun, and then went to Lowes, got some more spray paint, and some Dremel sand spindals.  We got home and I sanded the guns down and sprayed on the first layer of primer while we watched our usual T.V. shows (“How I Met Your Mother”, “The Class”, “Three and a Half Men”, “Rules of Engagement”, and “C.S.I. Miami”.  Of course, I taped “Heroes” and we watched that after our typical line up.

Okay, enough of my day, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

  Chapter 7 (Part 7):  By the time the two clones were within visual range of Atin, there was already one smoking droid and the others were forming up and going towards Atin’s position.  Fi let Niner know that he had the Aqualish captain in his sniper scope sites.  Niner told him to take him when he could.  As Niner put on the grenade launcher to his gun, Fi killed the captain with his sniper rifle.  This caused the droids to  pause for a moment, but afterwards, they kept advancing.  Three of the droids came towards their position until Niner shot at all seven remaining droids with two shots from his grenade launcher and incapacitated them all.  Fi asked Atin if he was okay and he said he didn’t loose anything that he couldn’t put back on.  Once Niner and Fi got to Atin’s position, Atin complained that his chest hurt and that he was having a hard time breathing.  Fi took Atin’s helmet off and noted that he wasn’t bleeding and wasn’t in shock.  Then he took his chest armor off and looked under his body suit when they both discovered the massive bruise from his chest all the way down his sturnam.  They weren’t sure if it was a bruise or fractured ribs, but sprayed him with Bacta spray anyway and put his bodysuit and armor back on him.  Niner suggested they skip RV Beta and keep going, but to leave some debris behind for Darman to let him know they had been there.  Atin suggested that maybe he shold be left behind, but Niner said he wasn’t getting out of this mission that easy.  Atin said he’s been the last man standing in two squads and he now suffers from survivor’s guilt.  Niner commented that it’s a shame they didn’t remove that from their programming…..


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