‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 7 (Part 5)

This was a busy, busy Saturday.  But, a fun Saturday in many ways.  We got up at a decent hour this morning and got going right away.  We had quite a few errands to run.  So, we got out as soon as we could (which was around nine a.m. or so).  We headed to Rent Way to pay our bills there and then got on the road and headed to Aldi’s.  We did some much needed grocery shopping as our cuboards were getting a little low from this past snow storm.  We finished there and headed over to Wal Mart.  Got quite a bit of shopping done there.  I got my spray paints and paint tape.  Heather got some things she needed for the house, but I was unable to get another Nerf gun to convert for my Star Wars costume because they didn’t have anymore.  So, Heather was nice enough to drive me over to Target to see if they had one.  Lucky, lucky, they had one exactly like the one that I have at home.  We got all this done and now it was time for lunch.  So, since the kids were so well behaved, we decided to take them to Arby’s for lunch.  Once we got done, we headed home.  Once at home, the kids and I unloaded the car while Heather worked on organizing the kitchen for all the new food.  We got done unloading and Heather started working on the kitchen.  I went downstairs and started organizing how I was going to paint my Nerf Pistol and what I was going to do with my Mando helmet.  I think it’s going to look pretty awesome!  Especially considering the paint colors I was able to find.  The red, orange, and yellow are really bright, which are really going to make me look like I’m on fire on my costume.  This idea is panning out pretty well.  So, my first pistol was primed and painted black in the proper spots.  Now all I had to do was tape and paint the red.  I had that done by tonight.  I had to paint the top of my Mando mask white.  The next step would be to tape it off, cut out the flames and paint the red.  I decided to focus mainly on the Nerf gun.  While I was doing all that work, I watched “Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan” with my kids this afternoon.  This evening I watched some T.V. with the kids and then went to bed.

Time to talk about Part 5 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 7 (Part 5):  Ghez Hokan was beginning to understand that droids were at least dependable.  Hokan walked next to a unit of droids that were marching in precision to Lik Ankkit’s villa.  Hokan greeted Ankkit and said he was here to introduce him to Hokan’s platoon as he would be observing them at the Villa more.  Hokan told his Umbaran lieutenant to proceed to Cucin had the droids surround the complex.  Ankkit was outraged and said the Trade Federation would not tolerate this kind of betrayal.  That’s when Hokan revealed that the Separatists gave him a field commission as an officer and he was ordered to protect Doctor Uthan at all costs.  Hokan told Ankkit that he shold be happy he’s even alive.  Hokan than told him since enemy troops are nearby, he’s going to declare martial law.  Hokan then told Ankkit that if he were to see any of his former employees, as some have not come to get paid, to let him know so Major Hokan can give them their “severance” package.  Ankkit asked where he was to live and Hokan said right at the Villa as he was sure he wouldn’t get in the way of the droids.  As Hokan walked away, he thought to himself that he really needs to find his ex-colleague, Guta Nay.  Hokan then headed to his speeder bike to head to a farm where the farmers reported finding scrap circuitry…..


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