‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 7 (Part 3)

This was a busy, busy, busy day here at the Crissman household.  Everything in this area is all screwed up because of the massive amount of snow.  Heather didn’t get her check today because UPS is almost a day and a half behind in deliveries and Wendy’s downtown office wasn’t in yesterday, so they’re a day behind in getting out paychecks.  The mail on our street wasnt’ delivered today.  When we called the Post Office we were actually told that they couldn’t deliver to our street and a myriad of other streets because they weren’t effectively plowed.  That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a Post Office actually say that the mail would not be delivered.  So much for that rain, snow, sleet, hail we still deliver promise!!  Anyway, Heather drove me to school this morning.  We had a two hour delay, so I got to school pretty early as she had to drop me and the kids off, and she had to have enough time to drop off the kids.  It was okay as I had a lot to do at school, like cutting 800 tickets out of tag board for SMASH Night.  Once I finished getting ready for school, it was time to greet the kids.  Well, probably about half of them anyway.  It sure seemed like there were quite a few kids missing from school today.  My kids were pretty well behaved considering that vacation is next week and they had a snow day yesterday and a two-hour delay today.  Heather visited me today before she left for her interview for the Post Office position that she had today at one o’clock.  Man, it would be nice for her to get the job as it would double her income and would certainly free us up to do a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do to our house.  So, she left and I knew that I would be waiting for a while after school if the interview went over on time.  Once school got done, I got a phone call and she let me know she was on the way.

We got some chinese food on our way home and the kids ate left overs out of the fridge.  We had to eat fast as Ruth’s first choral concert was tonight.  We ate quickly, got ourselves dressed and got ourselves out the door just in time.  She did a great job and even had a feature song where she sang with about six other girls a song all by themselves.  She definetly has acquired some of Heather and my music skills.  It almost brought a tear to her old-man’s eyes.  We got done and Heather brought us all back to the house and then took off for her closing shift at work.  We got in the house, got settled, and I started to get the kids ready for bed.  Ruth came down stairs and did me a huge favor rubbing some Icy/Hot on my back in a place that I injured while trying to shovel the snow over the past few days.  The kids went to bed and I watched my usual T.V. shows (“Til Death”, “War At Home”, “C.S.I.” – taped “Survivor”) and began to blog.

So that’s my day, time to talk about Chapter 7, Part 3 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 7 (Part 3):  Etain noticed the Gdans were nipping at her feet once Jinart had left, but decided to keep headin upstream anyway.  She pondered about her abilities in The Force as obviously Jinart was able to deter Gdans where she was not able, when she suddenly sensed a child.  The child wasn’t afriad and wasn’t upset as a child left alone would be.  She reached out to touch wehre the child was and a light popped on out of nowhere.  Instinctively, Etain turned on her lightsaber in defense.  The light went immediately off and the “child” apologized.  When her vision cleared, she saw the Mandalorian helmet of Ghez Hokan.  He asked her to put the weapon down, but she swore revenge for Master Fulier’s death and took a swing and missed.  In one motion, Hokan hit her in the chest and knocked her into the river.  He held her head under water till she let go of the lightsaber.  He pulled her up out of the water as she caught her breath, she kneed him in the groin.  It hurt.  But, it hurt her and not him and that’s when he told her that he was NOT Hokan!  He told her she was risking both their lives by making all this noise and that she needed to stop and just listen.  He helped  her up and apologized for not introducing himself.  He introduced himself as Commando of the Grand Army CC-1136 and said he awaited orders from a general.  She asked about the army and he said he would explain it all, but they needed to get to safety…..


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