‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 7 (Part 2)

One word would sum up my day today – SNOW!!!  For the first time since I moved here, I think Binghamton could actually rival Rochester for snow today.  We woke up to about a half a foot of snow and needless to say, we had a snow day.  I went back to bed and slept in a little so I could get some sleep because I knew the day would be all about shoveling snow and that’s exactly how it worked out.  I got up around eight-thirty and started shoveling the almost foot of snow on the ground by now.  It took us about an hour to get the driveway and sidewalk cleared for Heather who still had to go to work.  I told her to take it slow and that if she thought she couldn’t make it, to turn around and come back.  After Heather left, I went downstairs and watched “Doctor Who” and graded papers the rest of the morning.  At noon, I ate lunch with the kids and then we went outside and shoveled snow again.  By this point another half a foot of snow had dropped.  There’s quite a bit of snow out there by now.  We came in, and I finished grading papers downstairs and then Heather called to tell us that she was on her way home, so the kids and I headed outside to shovel again.  Not as much this time, but I wanted to make sure the driveway was clear for her return home.  We finished with that and I came downstairs with Heather and honestly, took a nap because I was tired from all of that shoveling.  I woke up and we ate dinner together and then the kids and I went outside again and shoveled another three or four inches.  I would say we have about two feet of snow already, and it’s STILL snowing outside!!  Now this is the winters I’m used to in Rochester.  People around here can’t handle it, but I LOVE it!!  Anyway, to celebrate Valentines Day, Heather and I made margaritas and went downstairs and snuggled up for the night and watched some T.V.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about another love of mine, Star Wars!!  “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss Chapter 7 (Part 2)…..

Chapter 7 (Part 2):  Etain began to think she was out of her mind.  She was hiding out in a ramshakle of a farmhouse.  She decided to make a rear exit from the building even though no rear exit existed.  She rehearsed moving some of the boards using The Force.  She often wished she was more powerful in The Force, but was certain the next few days were going to test teh extent of here abilities.  Jinart arrived just after the sun went down, and asked her if she was ready.  She said she can always sense another Jedi.  Jinart told her she was not another Jedi but has the ability to make herself known or even unknown to those who use The Force.  They quickly left the structure with Jinart and they headed into the woods to the East of Imbraani.  Jinart told her to watch fro the warrens, holes where Gdans were busy at work underground.  After an hour, they made a northerly arc which brought them to the Braan River, which was more like a stream.  Jinart told here to follow the riverbed and she would find a soldier that needs her plans.  She couldn’t believe her ears, a soldier, not an entire unit, but one.  She acted like she didn’t have any plans, but Jinart insisted she knew she had them.  She told her to meet with theis soldier while she talked Birhan into hiding here as well……

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