‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 6 (Part 5)

Monday, Monday (La Laa, La, La, La La).  Anyway, I can’t help it, I’m a music teacher it’s hard for me not to think in lyrics!!  So this Monday was interesting to say the least.  When I got up this morning I found out that there is a giant snow storm heading our way on Wednesday.  It’s good in some ways as it will give the students and teachers a day off (which I think we all need, but we actually have a week’s vacation next week), but this could have pretty big reprecussions on SMASH.  But, we have scheduled a practice for one of the days that we have off from school.  So, in some ways, we can make up for it.  We’ll just need to get together to take pictures for our poster.  My classes were okay today except that my one class is still having problems behaving much less getting work done.  It can be stressful at times and make me literally just want to scream at other moments in time.  I got done with school and had to wait for Heather to come pick me up.  We got done, came home and I went downstairs and put another coat of primer on my Star Wars pistol and my Mando helmet.  I have to admit it’s going to look much better than the first time I worked on it.  I then went upstairs and took a small nap.  We then headed to Austin’s Blue and Gold dinner.  It seems as though this dinner gets longer and longer every year.  to the point that the dinner started earlier this year (6 p.m.) and got done later this year (8:30 p.m.).  Even with kids eating in that amount of time, someone needs to get into these people’s heads that we are dealing with kids here and their attention span won’t last much longer than a half hour.  Awards were handed out in a fifty minute time span.  Too long if you ask me.  We got done with that, came home, got the kids in bed and did our usual night time stuff.

Okay, let’s talk about the last part of Chapter 6, Part 5 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 6 (Part 5):  Hokan revealed that the facility is vulnerable to attack, but blames the staff hired by Ankkit himself.  Uthan asks why as she knows Ankkit to be generous, but Hokan says he has not seen his generosity.  Uthan suggests that Ankkit be “cut-out” of the process.  She then asks Hokan if he believes the recent incursions on the planet are related to her work and Hokan replies positively.  She wonders why the Imbraani region and why Jedi Knights.  Hokan asks if she has identified units, and she replies saying no, but that there have been two points of hard contact and a downed aircraft.  When Hokan asks what a hard contact is, she explains it as when two or more soldiers engage each other.  This includes trained soldiers, not mercenaries.  She asks Hokan if giving him control of a unit fo droids would help him secure the planet.  Hokan says he does not take sides, but Uthan is quick to point out that he is a mercenary, and that there is no shame in it.  Hokan says he’s Mandalorian, of course there’s no shame in it!!  Then Uthan updates him on the situation of the new Clone War and informs him of the new clones that that Republic has employed.  She asks Hokan if he knows if he knows who hey cloned and Hokan says he does not.  Uthan says it was Jengo Fett and Hokan is openly surprised.  Uthan had planned this in advance knowing it would have an emotional impact on Hokan and even calculated the conversation, calling Fett a Mando Warrior.  It worked, as Hokan offers to take over the army for no money if need be.  She offers him a hundred droids to start and says if he needs more, he may have them.  Hokan then says that certain members of his militia need to be sent packing, and Uthan agreed.  Uthan then asked Hokan if he wanted to know about the virus they are developing as she stood up to leave.  Hokan asks if he needs to know and Uthan told him that the virus was meant to kill the clones.  Hokan said that it’s “The kindest solution.”


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