‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 6 (Part 4)

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and that means that I have work to do, work to do, work to do.  It seems like the harder I do to make Sunday the day of rest the more Sunday turns into a day of continual work.  Of course it’s not school work, but my personal work that I can’t seem to get done during the week.  Today I got quite a bit accomplished although it doesn’t seem like it at the end of the day.  We got up at a decent hour this morning as Heather was singing in church this morning again (a different song this time) so we had to get going early so she could get to church to practice.  We got ourselves together quickly and headed to church.  I sang in the choir as usual and Heather sang her solo and put a tear in her father’s eyes as they joined us for church this week to celebrate Tara’s birthday (yet again!).  That wasn’t all that happened today however.  When we got done with church, we headed back to the house and while Heather and the kids had a “big to do” dinner with my her parents, I went to my local FanForce meeting.  At the meeting we did our recording for the next episode of TJCS and I think we had some thought provoking discussion.  Unfortunately, Karen didn’t join us for this meeting and we’re not quite sure why.  Anyway, we kept discussing what I needed to do to keep my Mando costume going.  Unfortunately, I need to take a step back with my mask because I should have used spray primer and not brush on.  So, I need to go back and fix that, so I may be spending the rest of the week trying to fix that problem.  Whoops!!  At the same time thought, I pulled apart my pistol and started priming it this afternoon going into tonight.

I was a little concerned as Heather and her father talked about a major rennovation to our house and how “cheap” it would be.  Of course, they say cheap and I say it’s drastically expensive.  We’re talking about a rennovation of a kitchen, stairway, and living room that will top the fifteen thousand dollar mark.  My father-in-law was quick to spend money that he didn’t have, or that we don’t have for that matter.  I kept reminding everyone of this and the response was, “well, all in due time”.  After my in-laws left, Heather and I got into a giant fight about all of this.  I told her that we have a lot to consider before we can even think about this rennovation.  Including needing to buy a second car to keep this house going, considering re-financing our mortgage which has always been something that we have to consider this year or next, and anything that may go “wrong” between now and then.  I already feel as though our budget is stretched thin and they want to add more expenses without thinking about the consequences.  I totally disagree and I hope that got through to her tonight.  Somehow, I don’t think it got through to either of them.

Okay, enough personal stuff, time for fun!  Let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:Repubic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 6 (Part 4):  Ghez Hokan got invited to the research complex by Ovolot Quail Uthan.  Uthan was not a type of female to stare at, but she always dressed well.  Okan respected the fact that she was not savvy on the political side of things and even made her endearing even though she was a smart scientist.  Hokan walked downt the hall with his weapons and his bucket under his arm.  He refused to give up either to her security officers.  Uthan addressed Hokan saying that she doesn’t normally bypass a level of command, but in this case, she needed to.  Hokan knew that this meant that Ankkkit would not be privy to this conversation.  As Hokan began to talk to her he realized he didn’t know what to call her.  Testing the waters he tested, addressing her “Mistress Uthan”.  She corrected him with Doctor.  She offeres Hokan a seat as she tells him of the importance of her work on this planet.  Hokan said he only knew she was dealing with viruses and hazardous materials.  She replied saying, “exactly”.  She said she was was questioning the security that Lik Ankkit had garaunteed her and she wanted Hokan’s assessment…..

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