‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 6 (Part 3)

Well, I said it would be a busy day last night, and I wasn’t too far from the truth.  It really was quite the busy day with some unexpected twists and turns within that day as well.  We got up as early as we could to get over to East for play rehearsal.  I had no problem getting up on time, but Heather struggled with it, with her working until two this morning.  We got to rehearsal a little later than we wanted to, but Heather was able to start measuring students for costumes and getting an idea of what we wanted the students to look like while they were in costume.  We finished with all of that and then headed to PA to get gas.   It was cheaper by ten cents per gallon there and that’s why we go to PA to get our gas.  Then we decided to go to “Pack and Mail” on our way home to drop off some packages.  We got done with that, went home and ate some lunch.  Heather wanted to head to the basement and finish some T.V. tape watching of stuff we taped this week and we did that while I caught up on some other things.  I managed to get ahold of the parade committee of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade here in Binghamton for our FanForce group.  Evidently, our parade is on the same weekend as one of our members’ wedding day, so I guess that will ultimately be out.  But, we’ll look into it for next year.  We also had to deal with the issue of costuming this weekend.  We were going to costume at our meeting tommorow at Barnes and Nobles (in other words, we were going to come in costume) and then decided that we couldn’t as Ian has a major problem with his Mando costume.  I got done squaring all that away in time to drop Heather off to work, come home and cook and eat dinner with the kids.  While they cleaned up after dinner, I took a shower and then took Ruth and Austin and dropped them off to Wendy’s while I went to the daddy/daughter dance with Tara.  We stayed about an hour until Tara said that she wanted to leave, so we headed home and to bed for the kids.  Ruth and Austin peeled some potatoes before going to bed for Heather and my in-laws who are coming tomorrow.

As an update, I didn’t talk about this from yesterday because I forgot to.  Heather did get a phone call from the doctor last night to talk about her blood results.  Everything came up negative as far as her blood results.  She forgot to ask the doctor, but we are assuming that means that she’s also NOT pregnant!  She will call to confirm later, but she is now setting up an appointment with a doctor that someone at school recommended for a thorough breast exam to see what is really going on.  Her doctor is also recommending a full hormone evaluation work-up to see if her hormones are just out of whack.

Okay, let’s talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss; Chapter 6, Part 3…..

Chapter 6 (Part 3):  It took Darman more than a half hour to reach the other side of the field and still had twenty-five klicks to Gamma RV.  He started to become exhausted, at a ration cube, gave himself orders, and reminded himself not to become dehydrated.  Fatigue was beginning to set in.  He waited until dark and followed the river on his map for part of the way.  Soon, Darman began to enjoy the pleasures of nature that was around him.  Something that Clone Training had never bothered to teach him about.  he kept arguing with himself about the fatigue he was feeling in his head and body.  Then he decided to take a break.  He unclipped both packs, built a defensive hanger and took his helmet off.  He then took off his armor and washed his bodysuit piece by piece so he took a moment to bath while his armor and suit dried off and he put it all back on again.  He then cradled his rifle and leaned back on teh pack and began to watch the insects while trying to take a brief nap.  Then they all fell onto the surface of the water and Darman thought there was poison in the air, but his mask was not detecting any such thing.  He thought it odd, but put some in an empty ration cube container for examination later.  he had a hard time getting any sleep as the motion detectors in his suit were picking up every biological that moved…..


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