‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Thursday.  Almost the end of the week and for some reason it can’t seem to come soon enough for me.  I had a usual day today except for the fact that my body decided to get me up at six o’clock this morning again.  I can’t seem to figure out why.  Why six o’clock?  Is my body trying to give me a sign.  Am I supposed to just get up earlier?  Anyway, got to school and things seemed to be going like a normal day.  Then I had my unpredictable class today and they ended up acting up again today.  I really don’t like having an unpredictable class.  In some ways I just wish the class was a pain everyday.  That way I knew what to expect of them when they walked into the room.  Instead, this particluar class has become Jekyll and Hyde.  Either they’re really well behaved and work really hard or they end up being a complete pain in my side and just don’t work at all.  After all that my day went fine.

My wife called me at the end of the day pretty excited.  She hadn’t heard back from her doctor but she had a note from the Binghamton Post Office and it appears they want to interview her for a part time job.  So, she was pretty excited and asked me to get home ASAP.  So, I raced home and we all headed over to the Binghamton DMV for a driving abstract for her to give to them during her interview.  Once we were there, we figured we might as well get some shopping done tonight that we needed to do.  So, we headed Rent Way, where we found out that our new chair is in (thank God!!) and they will be delivering that tommorow night.  We paid our bill and headed to Vestal.  We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods first to try and get Converse sneakers for STOMP and came up short.  They didn’t have any in my size, they only had any that went up to size eight and a half.  So, we didn’t know where else to look, so we kept shopping.  We then went to Wal Mart looking for several things and seemed very successful.  We were able to find “Star Wars:Outbound Flight”, I found a pair of Starter sneakers that look just like the red Converse sneakers except they have a rubbery look to them.  I think they’ll be pretty cool.  Anyway, we got some “stuff” there and then headed over to Sam’s Club, picked up some necesities, and a pizza for dinner and headed home.  We got home, put stuff away and ate pizza and then Heather and I went to the basement to do our usual T.V. watching.

 Time to start Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 6 (Part 1):  No one needs to be able to tell clones apart as they’re here to fight not socialize – Sergeant Kal Skirata. – Birhan yelled at Etain to get out and threw some dirt at her which she dodged.  The old woman (who we now know is not his wife) urges him to help her so that the Jedi will help all of them when the Republic arrives.  Agreeing with Jinart (the old woman), Etain and Jinart try to urger him to keep the girl around as the Jedi can help to make plants grow.  Etain didn’t like this idea as failed Jedi were sent to the agri-corps at the Jedi Temple.  Jinart told Etain that they all get nervous when Hokan’s thugs begin to burn down farms.  Jinart warned that staying safe meant staing close-by now.  Etain points out that “they” are coing for her and begins to question who “they” are.  Etain kept trying to speculate, but Jinart told her to join her tonight, and she would open her eyes to the reality of her situation.  Etain had learned that there was much more to the old woman named Jinart…..


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