‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 5 (Part 4)

It’s a very important Monday in the Crissman household.  One of the family is now a year older.  It was Tara’s birthday and she was totally beside herself.  She got up this morning and was totally grinning from ear to ear.  She couldn’t wait to go to school because she knew they would be celebrating her birthday there and she couldn’t wait to celebrate with her friends/classmates.  My day was a typical day except the fact that my one class was in rare form yet again today.  I just can’t understand how a class can behave and be great one day and make me want to tear my hair out another minute.  Heather called me this afternoon and let me know that we had a package sent to the house that was C.O.D.  We could not figure out who would have done that to our home.  We knew it wasn’t her uncle’s computer stuff for us and the return address was Iowa.  Well, we couldn’t find out who or what it was today, so we will have to track it down tomorrow.


I got done with school and came home to meet up with the family before a fairly busy night.  Tara was absolute energy by this point.  She was bouncing off the walls telling me about her day.  Heather then sent her and Austin out to sell Girl Scout cookies while Heather and I talked over a situation with Ruth where Ruth lied to the teacher and Heather and I.  It was unlike Ruth, but like I said to Heather, it was a harsh reminder that Ruth is not as old as she acts and she’ll still make mistakes that children make even though she acts like an adult.  Anyway, Tara got back and we went online and checked out Papa’s online birthday card and then opened up birthday gifts.  Tara was really excited at all the Star Wars stuff she got and really like the “Hello Kitty” hamper she got for her room.  She was just happy in general.  We then had to eat dinner fast because Austin had to be at Lowes for Boy Scouts tonight as they were doing a project there at Lowes for their meeting.  So, I opened Tara’s packages and she played for a little, we all ate dinner and then we all headed for Lowes.


Austin and I had a bunch of fun making the project they had ready for us.  We made a Valentines Day “mailbox”.  It’s really cute, there’s a heart shaped flag and all and for those that know my son’s affliction for mailboxes, let’s just say that he’s back at it again.  Anyway, we came home, had some chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting to finish celebrating Tara’s birthday and then the kids went to bed while Heather and I headed downstairs to do our usual T.V. watching.  Tara was so excited to get her Star Wars stuff, she went to bed hugging her Jedi Starfighter and slept with the ship.


Well, as much as Tara loves Star Wars toys, I love Star Wars books.  So, without further ado, let’s talk about Chapter 5, Part 4 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 5 (Part 4):  Atin yelled “down” as Niner and Fir dropped ot the ground like wet sacks.  Atind followed teh air speeder that whizzed over top of the tow of them with his blaster scope while crouched in a wooded area.  Atin noted that he didn’t think the locals would drive those as they had mounted cannons on them.  They were all getting tired and Niner checked his tata and at mid-day they were still ten klicks from Beta RV.  Niner had decided in his head that they would wait for Darman there!  Atin told them to get down again as the air speeder came back.  Atin pointed out that he was on a square search working his way toward the center of his square.  They wondered if it was possible that they’d seen them or even Darman.  Now the air speeder was circling and they were wondering if they had been spotted.  The tech on their suits said no, but Niner trusted his eyes over their tech.  He held his rifle up and looked through the scope.  He could see a droid at the gunners turrett.  Then, he saw a red flash on his helmet HUD which meant they locked onto him.  Niner aimed at the central propultion unit and fired, they ran!….




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