‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 5 (Part 3)

Superbowl Sunday.  This day has become almost like a holiday in my house.  Anyone who has been to my house on Superbowl Sunday will tell you that my house is full of fun, food, and high quality television.  Of course, I couldn’t watch the Superbowl in high quality T.V. this year.  I’m very upset with our local Time Warner distributor as they were unable to barter a deal between themselves and our local CBS affiliate.  To make matters worse, there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight.  Our local CBS affiliate got bought out by a T.V. production company that had filed for bankruptcy before they even bought our affiliate out.  Now, in a back room scandal, they want a HUGE amount of money to broadcast their channel in HD from Time Warner to “help” a company that has had to file for Chapter 11.  A company that was bankrupt long before they had to deal with this scenario.  Anyway, I’m not happy about the scenario.  So, I’ll have to watch the Superbowl in non-HD, at least for this year.  Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.


Anyway, that didn’t stop a serious party from happening here at the Crissman household.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a kegger, but it was still plenty of fun.  Heather and I had decided yesterday, because of the fiasco with the washer, that we weren’t going to go to church today just because we were so exhausted with having to get everything else together.  We went on a massive cleaning rampage around the house.  I cleaned everywhere I could around the house and around the basement.  This place is the cleanest it has looked in a long time.  Then I helped Heather get the food together for our Superbowl party.  And what a feast we’ll have.  We had sloppy joes, hot wings, vegetable tray, chip tray, dips, apples with apple dipper, cookies (made by Ruth), and cold cuts.  Everything a good football game deserves.  So, my day was spent getting ready for the big game.  I had two of my friends show up to watch the game with us (Jim and Rob) and we had a great old time watching the game and all of the commercials that went along with it.  Then, the game ended and my wife and I scrambled to put everything away because we both agreed that we wanted to watch the “Criminal Minds” episode that was going to follow the game.  Needless to say, if you watched the episode, then you can see why we were totally hooked on this episode.  I can’t wait till Wednesday when we can finally see the end of the episode.  Anyway, we finished cleaning up and went to bed after our long weekend of Superbowls and washing machines.


Okay, let’s talk about part 3 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 5 (Part 3):  Darman was now fighting between his own personal feelings and his training that told him not to interfere.  Then he decided, pulled up his rifle, targeted a Weequay, squeezed, and killed him.  They all looked at the direction the shot and looked with weapons drawn.  He switched over to grenade mode and took out four of the patrolman as they took pot shots at him.  The rest stood there staring at Darman as he ran down the slpe at his assailants.  This gave him a slight upper hand.  Some shots now began to hit him, but bounced harmlessly off his armor.  One Trandoshan turned to run and got shot in the back by Darman.  Within an instant the fighting stopped.  Darman searched from barn to barn looking for surviving farmers and almost ran into a boy in the process.  He got to the last barn and kicked the door open and he found the boy he ran into, two males and a female.  Darman told them he wasn’t going to hurt them and asked htme how many of Hokan’s men there were and he identified himself as a soldier of the Republic.  The civilians in fear, asked if he was Hokan, which Darman denied.  They told him that there were fifty to sixty of his men at the Kirmaz farm on the way to Imbraani.  The woman said they would tell no one that they saw him if he left now.  He left the barn and went back up the hill to collect the rest of his gear.  Darman gathered his equipment and headed for the RV point, second guessing his decision to help the farmers.  Then he realized why everyone was so afraid of him, with everything on, he must look like Ghez Hokan, who’s a Mandalorian Warrior…..




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