‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 5 (Part 2)

What a Saturday.  There was good news at the end of the day, but we were so busy today I could barely breath much less think about the events of the day.  We had to get up early today to get Ruth to the Kapernick observatory for her science camp that she has been doing through school.   The roads were awful this morning!!  We had a hard time getting to the observatory.  Not only were roads bad, but the road to the observatory is a dirt road.  Not good!!  But, we made it up the hill and to the observatory very slowly.  We dropped Ruth off and then headed for Wal Mart where I needed to shop for Tara’s Birthday gift (a Spaceship of some sort and Star Wars figures).  I was able to find quite a deal.  They had a two-pack of Star Wars figures for under $10.  No problem, it didn’t take me long to snag that figure pack for my daughter.  But our local Wal Mart had bupkiss for Star Wars vehicles.  So, I paid for the figures and then headed over to meet up with Heather (she was grocery shopping).  She decided that we should head over to Target to try and find something.  When we got to Target, we noticed our Target store was under a major remodel.  I had fears that we would find nothing.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I had a choice.  My son helped me choose and we decided to get her Sisee Tiin’s Jedi Starfighter.  Cool, that was done.  Not only that, but we found a bonus, they had a Padme Amidala figure, so I picked that up to.


When we got done, we then headed for Front St. as we had an appointment at Jackson Hewitt to finish our tax return from earlier this week.  We got done with that, paid Jackson Hewitt and then headed straight to Lowes.  When we got in the store, I asked for the store manager and even named him by name and the clerk at the Customer Service desk told me he was on vacation.  I was now officially pissed!  One of the other ladies behind the counter saw this and immediately stepped out and began talking to my wife and myself.  Her name was Beth, and she was an assistant store manager.  I told her about the whole story of Thursday night, last night, and now today.  I explained to her that I was a loyal Lowes customer and have recently lost faith in the store I’ve come to know and trust.  She asked me how they could re-establish that trust and I told her that I would like a new up-sized washer for the price of the “scratch and dent” that we saw ($199).  She said that was not unreasonable to an extent.  She told my wife and I to go back and find a washer that we would be happy with.   When Heather and I got back there, we decided to give Beth a choice; a gold, silver and bronze choice.  The gold choice was a $400 King Size Whirlpool washer.  I knew this would be quite a stretch for them to go for, so that’s why we gave them three choices.  The silver was a Large Capacity GE washer with some minor bells and whistles and the bronze was a Roper (a subdivision of Whirlpool) that had no bells and whistles and was only worth $230.  When we went back up front, Beth offered us the GE washer for the price of the “scratch and dent”.  No problem!  To make the situation even better, they agreed to give us the truck for free for the day to transport the washers back and forth.


So, with the decisions made, we left Lowes, Heather took the truck to Taylor Rental to get an appliance dolly while I went home and prepared the second “scratch and dent” ready for transport.  Heather got to the house and we got the dolly downstairs, hooked up the old washer and got it unto the truck.  We dropped it off to Lowes and let them know that we would be back later in the afternoon as we had to go pick up our oldest daughter from Koepernick.  We left and went to Vestal and got Ruth and went right to Lowes.  We got the new washer and got it to our house and into the basement.  We cut off the box and hooked up the washer, leveled it, and ran a load of wash to make sure it worked.  It worked great and was very quiet compared to any washer we’ve had before.  Great!  Problem solved.  We took the truck back and thanked Beth many times over for helping us with our problem.  We got home, Heather and I took a brief nap and Heather ate dinner with us quick and she headed off to work.  The kids and I then went downstairs and finished our “Lord of the Rings” miniatures game and played to the last man.  Austin and I won, but Ruth put up one hell of a fight and even managed to make me worried right up until the last round as to whether or not we would make it all the way until the last Orc.  Anyway, we finished at 10:30 p.m. and then the kids and I had to tear down the table.  It took us an hour and a half and ended up being quite the late night.  But, the advantage to this day is that we went to bed with a new washer and a cleaned up game room in the basement.  What a day and what a night!


Well, it’s only fitting after a long day that we relax with some Star Wars.  Let’s talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact”, Chapter 5, Part 2……

Chapter 5 (Part 2):  Darman had convinced himself not to pull out the stims from his medpac to keep himself awake.  Suddenly he noticed a bunch of smoke and was able to spot, with help of his helmet, a barn on fire that Ubese, Trandoshan’s, and Weequay’s were standing around in a line near.  He watched as a farmer went scrambling in a building that was burning, never to return.  Darman did not know what to do here as they had not been trained on how to deal with regular citizens, much less non-Republic citizens.  He told himself that breaking cover to help these citizens, no matter how helpless they were, would get in the way of his objective of rejoining his squad and stopping the nano virus project.  Then he realized that these citizens were being punished because of the intel collected from his craft’s crash landing.  He raised up his gun and started counting through it’s scope.  Eight patrolman and he had forty rounds, plenty for a first shot on each.  Who couldn’t he see?  Wouldint this give away his position?  What if they caught him?  He went back and forth with these questions for several minutes as he targeted each of the Trandoshans, Ubese, and Weequays…..




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