‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Okay, it’s Friday and what a day it was.  I’m writing this blog at about one in the morning on Saturday morning and I can’t believe that this day went the way it did!  Okay, let me start with my day.  I went to work and met up with Jim and we went through and cleaned out the SMASH closet and then worked on the future of SMASH and organized ourselves for the trip down south that we plan on taking.  We confirmed that SMASH night is going to take place in Binghamton on March 22nd and we confirmed what it is that each of us needs to do in order to make the show a success.  That took all of our day to confirm and finish planning what we are doing with SMASH for the rest of the year.  I’m really excited about where this group is going and I can’t wait to see where we will be a year or two from now.  Anyway, Jim and I ate lunch together and worked at Roosevelt until almost three o’clock before we finished (of course we started earlier too, by starting at about eight o’clock).  When I got done, I called my wife on my way to the house to let her know I was ready to move a washer.


I got to the house, and Heather and the kids were waiting outside for me to show up and they were dressed and ready to go.  We went to Lowes right away and were very excited.  Heather went to the Customer Service desk to rent the truck while I went to the Appliance section in the back to pick up our “scratch and dent” from last night.  When I arrived there, our initial salesman wasn’t there, as he was on lunch break, but the other salesman on the floor tried to help me.  I told him about the situation and that we had a washer out back that had our name on it.  Well, this particular salesman looked for a good twenty minutes and could not find our washer.  Then, our initial salesman showed up and said he would find it.  Over sixty minutes later, he came to us and said he had no idea where that washer was and didn’t know what had happened to it.  I told him that I was not happy and that they needed to come up with a solution.  The salesman then tried to do the right thing and talked to a manager about giving us an upgrade for the same price (of $199).  The manager agreed and they managed to find another “scratch and dent” in the back that supposedly only had one problem.  It needed to be leveled and it would work fine, AND, it was a King Size washer.  Perfect, my family of five just got an upgrade for the same price and my wife’s eyes were floating in the air.


We loaded up the washer onto the rental truck and headed home.  We went downstairs, got the washer all set and I leveled the washer and we then had to get the rental truck back to Lowes.  It never occurred to me to test the washer to make sure it runs correctly before I went back with the truck.  We came home and ran a load of wash.  All was fine until the machine decided to agitate.  Then it sounded like a bomb was being blown up in my basement.  The sound was horrible.  The sound was so bad that our old washer sounded better than the new one that was in the basement.  Not good.  Especially considering that our old washer was already on the front lawn and it was starting to snow like crazy now.  We didn’t have time to mess around, so Heather called Lowes, explained the situation and they told us to come there tomorrow to work the situation out and talk with the store manager.  That would be tough, as we had a full day already, but we would figure out a way to work it in.


Heather now had to go to work and now I was home alone at a house that was very depressing in a way.  No wife, no way to vent, and no working washer which was one of the goals for the end of the week.  So, what did I do?  I did what all males do when the going gets tough.  I played with my kids the entire night.  We went downstairs and I played our “Lord of the Rings” miniatures game with the kids.   Besides, I had a reason to have to do that, I have to clear off the table by tomorrow night for our Superbowl party on Sunday.  What a day, and tomorrow is only going to get worse!!


Time to talk about Part 1 of Chapter 5 of Karen Traviss’ “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact”…..

Chapter 5 (Part 1):  “You are nothing on your own, and everything together” – Commando instructor Sergeant Kal Skirata. – Darman moved quickly to a high vantage point.  Because he was tired from being up for forty hours, he decided to create a canopy with the parachute cords to keep from falling asleep.  He heard several small creatures about and was worried about their existence.  He reflected about the fact that his environment was suddenly not holoprojected and he was in a real situation.  He told himself to concentrate and gather intelligence while he was here doing nothing.  As he ate a nutrient cube he told himself that his exhaustion was heading to a fake feeling of being hungry.  Below he saw farm transports moving barq from one location to another.  He began to recognize where he was, using references.  He was ten klicks northeast of Beta RV and forty klicks east of Gamma RV.  He realized that his squad was probably already nearing Beta RV, so all he had to do was make it to Gamma RV.  He had some hope now as he had been trained early on that he was nothing on his own.  He pondered what kind of training ARC’s receive then.  He heard rustling in the trees behind him but was unable to isolate the noise to figure out what animal it was…..




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