‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Monday and it’s the beginning of a new quarter.  I was able to meet my new students today and most of my classes seem nice.  I always have to have one class though, and this quarter it’s a sixth grade class.  I already had one sixth grade girl get in my face today and tell me that she doesn’t like me.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not a teacher to become popular.  🙂  Anyway, I was able to get things together and get my grading done today so that tonight I can input the grades into the computer.  I got done with school, packed my things up and came home.  Heather and I talked for a little bit and then called her uncle to confirm some things about the desktop computer.  Like the portable DVD-RW drive and the RAM we need for it.  He forgot about those problems and promised to get them out to us when he could.  I tried calling a gun shop around here that I thought may be interested in buying my used replica Enfield musket, but they decided they weren’t interested.  It’s a shame as I could probably get a couple hundred dollars for that rifle that I could put into Star Wars costuming, but I just can’t seem to find anyone who is interested in buying it.  Anyway, I did some work and then we ate dinner (lefovers).  We got done with dinner and Austin and I headed out for Boy Scouts at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.  We had a great night there where Deputy Wallace and his K-9 partner Colby led us on a tour of the Sheriff’s office.  It was really cool.  We even got a chance to see the 911 call emergency center which was all nice too.  We got home and Austin went right to bed and I did some work on the students’ music videos and then did some blogging and updates on sites.

Okay, it’s time to don on the Jedi Boots and talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss.  Let’s focus on part 2 of Chapter 4…..

Chapter 4 (Part 2):  Niner moved quickly dragging the second pack behind him and moving at about ten klicks per hour.  He was glad that the Qiilura moon was a new moon as his grey armor would stick out like a sore thumb from the trees, even in the dark.  When he was four hundred meters from RV Alpha he hid his extra pack and started on a silent approach.  As he crawled for the last two-hundred meters, he spotten them, then suddenly found himself staring down the barrel of Fi’s DC-17.  Fi apologized and said the seargent had startled him.  Niner’s to other operatives had smeared dark mud all over thier armor to shadow the grey color of their armor.  Atin asked aobut Darman, and Niner said he didn’t make it off before the ship crashed because Darman shoved Niner off to gather more equipment.  Atin asked what they had and Niner said a missing comrade.  Atin said he wanted to knw what gear they had since Darman carried most of he ordinance.  Niner was upset that Atin didn’t seem to care about the loss of life.  Fi sai they have enough gear to put a dent in them.  However, lack of intelligence makes them wonder what they’re putting a dent in.  they wondered how long they would search for Darman and Atin pointed out that everyone knows they’re here as it wasn’t exactly a silent insert.  Niner says they’ll follow standard operating procedures and make the RV points and search the wreckage and make a decision about Darman from there.  They argued about how long they should search for him as long as it didn’t jeopardize the mission.  They looked for a better way to transport equipment while Niner turned on his long range communicator in case they heard from Darman anyways…..


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