‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 4 (Part 1)

It was Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!  We got up earlier than normal so Heather and I could get to church early.  Heather was singing in church today and didn’t want me to write about it until now because she didn’t want my mom to make her nervous like my mom made me nervous every time I went to a NYSSMA solo.  That’s right mom and dad, everytime I did a NYSSMA solo, mom would make me a nervous wreck and it’s amazing I did as well as I did.  To dad I know this is not a surprise, but I don’t think I have ever had the guts to tell my mom until now.  Honestly, she still makes me nervous when I’m performing and she’s around.  I could play in a  crowd of thousands of people (and I have), but if my mom is in the audience and I know it, I’m sweating like a pig.  Anyway, Heather got to church, rehearsed and really sounded very good.  I sang in the choir and she decided to save her voice for her solo which was for the Anthem.  Today was our church “meeting” for the year and we left after the service and didn’t stay around for the meeting.  Heather and I haven’t had the heart to tell anyone there that we are looking for other churches to go to.  Simply because our kids don’t have much of a youth program there and Heather and I are feeling like we need more for ourselves and we need more for our kids.  We’re still on the fence on all of this, but it is being seriously discussed at our house.  It’s going to be a hard move for either of us because this church has tried to help support us the best way they know how.  But somehow, neither of us feel fulfilled here.

Anyway, we came home from church and we had lunch.  I had a small blow-up about the lights outside.  I have been trying to get a “frosty the snowman” light on the spike it was supposed to sit on. I couldn’t get it on the spike it was supposed to sit on and I couldn’t get the spike out of the ground.  Needless to say, they won’t be used again next year.  Anyhow, we had lunch together (hot dogs and macaroni and shells as requested by the birthday girl) and then we celebrated Tara’s birthday (which is next week monday) with a cake and presents.  She had a blast and was playing with her new toys all afternoon long.  Grammy and Papa left not too long after that so they could try and avoid the bad weather in Syracuse and Rochester (although I don’t think there was supposed to be any, but my mom had herself convinced there would be).  Heather and I then took an hour nap together while the kids played in the family room.  We got up and the kids and I went downstairs and played my miniatures game for another two hours while I watched the original “Doctor Who” on DVD.  You know, the one from like 1962 and the BBC.  It’s in black and white and everything.  It’s actually a really cool version of “Doctor Who”.  I would like to compare that to the current version of the show to see which may be better written and performed.

Later, Heather left to go to the grocery store and grabbed me a burger from Wendy’s while she was out.  She also grabbed some groceries we needed around the house.  When she got home, we made some brownies for my school book club luncheon tommorrow and then headed downstairs and watched our usual Sunday night line-up “Grease, You’re The One That I Want” and “The Apprentice”. 

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” Chapter 4 by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 4 (Part 1): ” The true art of genetics is waling the line between walking the factors that surpress, but letting the creature learn.” – Hali Ke, genetics of Kamino. – Niner was hauling together his chute when he saw the fireball in the night sky.  He assumed that Darman had probably not made it out alive.  He told himself that if he didn’t act fast he’d  lose two other squad members.  He cut the cord from the parachute and buried the rest of it.  He found his second pack several meters away at the edge of a field being chewed on by Gdans.  Eventually he got them to give up and let go and they went running into the field.  He would have to find his squad without the use of GPs because if he did he could give away their positions to the Neimoidians.  He reflected on a training that seargant Skirata gave them talking about stabbing another creature in the neck, not the heart, with a knife.  He figured that if Fir and Atin survived they would head for RV Alpha…..


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