‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 3 (Part 5)

Well, considering I stayed up until two this morning, Heather and I woke up pretty early this morning by being awake by nine this morning.  Austin and I put one last coat on his car this morning and finished putting the wheels on.  Grammy and Papa called us about ten a.m. or so and let us know that their going was slow this morning, but that they had made it to Cortland which meant they would be here by ten thirty or so.  We were finishing with pre-race “stuff” when I noticed that one of my “rack and pinion” solution to the problem of not having enough space between the wheels had come loose again.  So, my parents arrived and then I sat down with Austin’s car one last time and superglued it together and basically prayed it would hold together.

We at some lunch and then went over to the church to the race and raced Austin’s car.  He came in last place with the Bears as I knew the car wouldn’t go very fast.  As Austin put it to the other boys, his car was for show and not for speed.  He was a good sport about it all and I’m glad that all he cared about was the fact that he and I were able to make his concept come to life.  He was almost a full second behind every other boy in the Bear group, but that didn’t bother him and he was a good sport about it, and I was glad that he was a good sport.  We then came home and spent the afternoon with Grammy and Papa and had some nice conversations about everything from school to polotics.  We then ate dinner early so Heather had a chance to  eat dinner with us.  We had baked Ziti and it was really good.  We finished dinner and cleaned up and got done fairly early.  So, I told mom and dad they could watch the news upstairs and the kids and I went downstairs to play my “Lord of the Rings” miniatures game of Helm’s Deep.  We need to get it done before next week Saturday as Heather wants the set down before next week Sunday for the Superbowl party.  So, while we were playing, Grammy and Papa came downstairs and joined us and we all watched “Men in Black” I and II and then watched “Law and Order:Criminal Intent”.  I was able to show them the clarity of HD T.V. and I think they were both pretty impressed.  Because of the work we did with the insulation, they both felt warm enough to be in the basement and a year ago, my mom wouldn’t have been caught dead in our freezing cold basement.  So, I think that’s proof that the insulation did it’s job.  Once they headed to bed, I came back downstairs and watched “Saturday Night Live” and then went to bed.

Let’s talk aobut Part 5 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 3 (Part 5):  The Qiilura traffic controller thougth that the ship looked just like another crop sprayer as it entered the atmosphere, and why shouldn’t it?  Inside, Fi was noting the new enhancements  to his clone armor.  They had two options, land clearly with the ship, or a hard bail out of a hundred clicks above the ground.  Darman didn’t like the idea of being defenseless in the sky.  Darman was packe to the hilt including detonators, a Wookie Bowcaster, and his DC-17.  At one hundred klicks, all of them put their helmets on.  As they transcended they heard a band sound against the hull and the engines stopped working.  Niner headed for the cockpit as Darman prepared for an emergency bail-out.   It wasn’t fire, but a bird hitting the hull and knocking the engines out.  The R5 droid attempted to glide the heavy metal ship to the ground.  Soon, they went from gliding to crashing.  Niner told them to bail out as Darman opened the hatch and air and debris rushed into the cargo bay.  Atin and Fi eased right out of the hatch and jumped out.  Darman tried tried to start collecting gear when Niner tried to force him to jump.  Darman wnet through the motions, but grabbed the door last minute and managed to hand on while Niner jumped and swore at Darman on his way out.  Darmand dropped his bowcaster and began lashing blaster sections together.  He was going to try and save as much equipment as possible.  He strapped the cannon to his back and jumped out of the craft using his HUD as a guide.  He was free-falling in a heavy manner now.  When the chute deployed, it fell like a train crash.  He noticed a white flash forward and toward the right.  it was the vessel with the R5 droid on board, crashing.  He figures he was spotted and he started to see the tops of trees now.  He hit something hard while in the air, then hit the ground.


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