‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 3 (Part 4)

Well, it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week, and end of the quarter.  I finished giving finals today and had very few students who didn’t have a chance to take the final.  This always makes me happy as this means that I won’t have to hunt as many kids down next week to get them to take the final from my class.  I actually had a chance to finish the music videos with two out of the three groups I was working with.  The third group just didn’t want to finish the video, which was fine with me.  I was also able to finish recording all the podcasts for my seventh graders.  I still have a lot of editing to do for both the videos and the podcasts, but it’s been a blast to put both these projects together!  I can’t wait to start these exact same projects again next quarter with a new set of students.  I hope the students are enjoying these projects as much as I’m enjoying putting them together.

I got done with school and Heather showed up to pick me up.  She had a great day today because the kids had a half day at school and Heather had them the second half of the day to help her get the house clean for my parents this weekend.  I got my W2 today and Heather picked it up while she was there because she needed me to sign a piece of paper for the registration on the car.  We kinda had just realized the other day that the registration on the car was up at the end of December of last year.  Whoops  :)!!  Anyway, Heather managed to buy for me today a Nerf Maverick pistol and had it for me when I came home tonight.  It’s actually pretty cool without anything being done to it.  I ran around the house for about an hour or so shooting the kids with it and they all thought it was pretty funny.  It was just a blast to play with my kids like that.  I guess it made me a kid for a while as well (at least that’s what Heather told me).  Amongst all the running around, I kept working on Austin’s Pinewood Derby car with him.  We put four more coats of all the paint on the car and continued to work on getting the car done.  By nine o’clock tonight, we had attached our R4 droid top that I had made and the Jedi Starfighter was starting to look like a Jedi Starfighter, the way I pictured it in my head.  Austin went to bed around ten an all I had to do was put on polyurethene coats.  I got four coats on before two a.m., Saturday morning.  It really looks cool and is completely put together.  It looks pretty awesome, and there is no doubt now that my son is as big of a Star Wars fan as I am!

Okay, time to talk about Part 4 of Chapter 3 of Karen Traviss’ “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact”…..

Chapter 3 (Part 4):  Gdans could be nasty creatures when they hunt in packs at night.  It wasn’t the teeth they feared, but the deadly bacteria the Gdans carried.  So Etain was housebound at nights.  She ate the dinner provided by her helpers as the creatures made noises outside in the night air.  She contemplated how she was going to communicate with the Jedi Council.  Stow away on a transport?  Maybe. Direct Transmission?  No.  Risky and may take up a lot of time.  At this point, Etain needed an army to fullfill any hope.  Her eyes were growing heavy and she felt that she may be thinking more clearly in the morning.  She was suddenly forced awake by a geat disturbance in The Force.  Something had changed, something big!  Then she realized that she had sensed her Master’s death.  She wasn’t sure if he was dead before, but the emptiness she was sensing now confirmed what she had suspected.   Feeling helpless, she headed for the door of her shelter and opened it when she suddenly realized there were no Gdans to be heard or seen.  She saw a flock of leatherbacks take off into the night sky and couldn’t sense the presence of anything but small creatures.  She thought to herself, “they’re coming” and stumbled back into the shelter and barred the door shut…..

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