‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Okay, Tuesday and I just seemed to be busy again.  All my classes today did a review Jeopardy game that I play with students each quarter.  This quarter’s classes didn’t do so well, and I hope this is not signs as to how well or poor they will be doing on the final exam.

I had a department meeting after school today to talk about our next Superintendent’s Conference Day and Curriculum Writing.  When I finished with that, I got home and we ate dinner almost immediately because Heather had to leave for work and the Vestal Marching Band Director was coming over to meet with us.  We got done with dinner, Heather left for work and the Vestal director showed up.  When he did show up, he pointed out that we had a package on the front door step.  I thought nothing of it and put it on the kitchen table and we had our meeting.

It was a good meeting and I think the director and I see eye to eye on a lot of the key important issues.  I know he wants me to consider a more active role in the program and I may take him up on it.  Working with this marching band just doesn’t seem like work somehow.  I like that.  I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not the director and I’m in the “background” as it were, or if it’s because I’m dealing with students that I don’t necessarily see on an everyday basis.  I also think it’s because the staff has a common vision and we all get along as well as we all do.  Our meeting went a little later than we wanted it to, and I even missed taping American Idol (oops!!).  So, I thought I would open the package on the kitchen table.  Well, much to my surprise, it was the external hard drive and link to the wireless network that I was hoping Heather’s uncle would help us with.  The hard drive has 320 GB, that better give us enough space in the house for a while!!  I pulled everything out and started putting my “toys” together.  So, I went downstairs hooked it up and ran into problems galore!!

Well, long story short.  After dorking around with this stuff for two hours and calling Linksys twice, the Linksys people and I were able to conclude that the connection between the hard drive and the router (which is a Linksys product) was damaged.  So, now Heather and I have to send it back and have another one shipped to us.  I swear it never rains, but it poors!!  So, after two hours of waste and the fact that it was 12:30 at night.

Time to put on my Mando helmet, turn on my lightsaber, and curl up to my closest, warmest Hutt, and read Part 1 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 3 (Part 1):  Message – Classified, Highest Encryption:  You have a top-secret mission, train the best of the best, except, you can tell no one about this.  To your loved ones, you are already dead – Message from Jango Fett, who is recruiting hand picked instructors, the Cuy’val Dar in Mandalorian language, “Those who no longer exist”. – Lik Ankit’s villa was on top of a large hill overlooking a plantation.  Ghez Hokan was running up the stairs on the front of the veranda with all of his weapons showing.  He wasn’t rushing to talk to his master, but to get the meeting over with.  Annkit tells Hokan that he wishe he would knock in the future.  Annkit asked for an update on Hokan’s discussions with the Jedi, to which Hokan said there is no update to be given.  Annkit asks if he accidentally killed him and Hokan says he does his own work and that the Jedi is still alive, but rather well resistant.  Annkit asks about the Jedi’s associate and Hokan says he was spotted with a padawan.  Hokan assured him they will find the padawan and any information that Fulier has to give up.  Annkit says to make sure he does, as he has a contract depending on it.  Hokan says that if he seceeds it’s because he took pride in his work, not because of money.  Annkit warns that Hokan’s days of Mandalorian glory are over.  He points out that even Jando Fett was defeated by the Jedi.  Hokan asked Annkit if he kept Gdans as pets and he said he does not.  Hokan said if he had one and didn’t feed it, would he be surprised if it bit him and Annkit says no.  Hokan warns Annkit to “feed him well”.  Hokan turned and left the room putting his helmet back on as he left the villa.  He thought to himself about how unnatural having Seperatist scientists around has become on Qiilura.  Hokan pulled out the lightsaber he took from Fulier, activated it and studied it.  He thought it was a “soft weapon”, put it back away and headed out to get Fulier to answer some more questions he had…..




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