‘Star War:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 2 (Part 5)

Okay, Monday, and it’s the last week of the quarter.  In some ways it’s good, in other ways it’s sad.  There are always those students that drive me bonkers and make me want to have the quarter end tomorrow.  On the other hand there are also students that I get sad about and don’t want to see them go onto another Unified Arts class.  But hey, I knew that it would be this way as a teacher.  I feel a little better about this week than I did last week.  A lot of my teacher friends were worried about how I felt about my profession and my job last week.  I guess I hate to see teachers and students alike struggle.  I guess it’s just because I actually care about my job.  Who knew?

We had an okay day today.  Students are still on edge and we had a fight or two at school.  I think the tension is just a leak from last week’s testing.  My students are taking finals in my class this week and I think that it probably isn’t helping the tension in the building either as the quarter ends this week and a lot of the Unified Arts classes are giving finals over the next few days.

I got done with school and came home and we were in our “scramble” to get ready for tonight.  Heather wanted to drop Austin and I off to Boy Scouts because she wanted to go to work and the Christian Book Store and then she figured she would come back and pick us up.  Well, we got done with dinner and I told Austin to head downstairs and grab his Pinewood Derby car as we would be testing it tonight.  Well, when he came upstairs, it was all bad news.  The “rack n’ pinion” type mount that I had on front came loose.  Bummer, wood glue wasn’t strong enough.  I had a feeling this would be the case, but wasn’t sure.  So, I told Heather that she needed to take us there, stay for a little bit and then we would go with her.

Why?  Well, why further damage an already damaged pinewood derby car.  So, we took the car to Boy Scouts and found out it only weighs 2.7 ounces of the 5 ounces it can max out.  Not good, as we only have one ounce worth of weights for the car at this point.  The good news is that I tested the wheel alignment and it seems to be okay for the track.  So, the only things I need to work on is getting more weight and gluing the car back together.  We left there and went right to Lowes and got something called “Gorilla Glue”.  I’ve always wanted to try the stuff, so I thought now was the appropriate time.  We then went to Heather’s workplace and she did some work she needed to do there and then headed over to the Christian Book Store, Arrowhead.  She picked up her Mark Schultz song book in there and then we decided to make an excursion to the church.  When I dropped some things off the other day in the rummage sale room, I noticed there was a computer monitor in the room.  And, considering our one at home is seriously dying, I thought this may be a good replacement.  So, we went and picked it up.

We got home around eight, just in time for the kids to go to bed.  Heather and I hooked up the monitor to the desktop computer upstairs and what a difference that makes!!  I can’t believe how bad the computer monitor that we had before really was.  Now I know, and I guess I just got used to really poor quality screens.  After doing that, I went downstairs, put on some rubber gloves and got Gorilla Glue crazy.  It’s interesting stuff.  It expands as it glues to help everything adhere and connect to each other.  The only bummer now is that the holes for he wheels has been glued in.  I may have to drill that hole out later on.

While I was doing all of this, I got a call from the Vestal Band Director and we’re going to meet to talk about the upcoming year at my house tomorrow night.  I’m really looking forward to that as I see a positive future for this group.  Heather and I headed downstairs to watch our usual T.V. show line-up and I continued to prime my Mando bucket some more.

Let’s talk about Star Wars books and enter the world of Karen Traviss’ head.  Time to talk about Chapter 2, Part 5 of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact”…..

Chapter 2 (Part 5):  Etain started to meditate and got the images of her dead Master out of her mind when she heard the gravel shuffling outside her shelter.  She reached for her lightsaber and put the Holocharts in her pocket and looked for an alternate escape route, which she didn’t look for before this point.  As the door opened, she flipped on her blue lightsaber blade.  An elderly Merlie entered the room, told her she was too jumpy and sat down her dinner on the ground.  She handed Etain her cloak and said she got the dung out of it.  Etain says thank you as she deactivates her lightsaber.  She says to her female host that they didn’t need to make dinner for her, and her host said it was no trouble, besides the grains came off of her cloak.  Etain was a little sick to her stomach at the thought of that.  The woman said that they’re coming.  Etain said she was ready, eyeing her lightsaber, the host responded saying that it wasn’t Hokan or his thugs.  Etain decided not to press the issue as here host told her that they’re coming alright as she closed the door of the barn behind her.




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