‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Thursday of a very short week and you would think that a short week would be a positive thing for a teacher and the students in a school.  Personally, it just makes things harder on all of us.  For some reason, this whole week has just put everyone on edge.  I am even on edge and I can sense a lot of tension in the students.  Schedules have been messed up and things just don’t seem to be going smoothly for whatever reason.  I did not have testing in my room this morning, but other teachers had testing, so we had to all stay in our rooms or the students had to stay within their “blocs” so as to not disturb those students testing.  This is a bummer as I was hoping to have my first period class so we could start rehearsing our music videos today and maybe even start to record some.  It never quite worked out for us to be able to have that first period class which has now put me another week behind in trying to get those music videos out.  I may never get this quarter’s videos published.  That’s kind of unfair as there were some great ideas from these students and they would have made some great videos.  But, I’m not giving up hope yet.

It was nice to be able to get some paperwork done this morning.  I’ve been two weeks behind on grading and behind on my gradebook because of my laptop being gone for such a long period of time.  But, this morning gave me the ability to catch up on some of that work.  I can’t wait to get home tonight as I will be starting to record for TJCS #8 again.  I’m hoping to belt that episode out by the end of the weekend.  It wont’t be easy, however.  I lost all the segments that I’ve previously recorded and I was lucky enough to have kept the rest of Robbie Chastain’s interview.  So, watch out, TJCS should be out by the end of the weekend if all goes to plan.

I got home tonight and we were all going to head out to “Family Hobbies and Crafts” as I need to help my son finish his pinewood derby car.  He decided he wanted a “Jedi Starfighter” as a car for a pinewood derby car.  I said, “sure, why not!”  Not realizing what I was getting myself into.  Easy concept, bad execution.  Needless to say, three pinewood derby cars later, I now have the approximate shape right, but I know his car needs some SERIOUS weight because of how much I’ve cut off of this pinewood block. 
So, Heather said that since we were going out there, we might as well eat dinner at IHOP because they were running a cheap promotion with free pancakes (which will actually fill my son up for once!).  While we were out there, Heather needed to stop at Wal Mart for some things and that’s when we got the supplies.  We were able to find some “Bond-O” to work on my Mando helmet with and we also got some primer.   I figured there is no time like the present to rework my Mando helmet.  I’ve also made a sketch of what the end product of my Mando costume is going to look like.  Now, keep in mind that I’m not an artist, but the file can be found here.  While I was at WalMart I also brainstormed some cheap solutions to “weapons” for my Mando costume.  I know I want to be HEAVILY armed as a Mando.  I want at least two pistol like weapons and a big rifle of some sorts.  That’s when I found nerf guns that I plan on using as my pistols.  I’ll have to take them apart and repaint, but they should look really cool.  You can find a pic of them here.  We got done and came home and watched some T.V. as we were absolutely tired as it was now eight o’clock at night.

Okay, let’s talk about a Star Wars book now.  It’s time to talk about Part 2 of Chapter of “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss……

Chapter 2 (Part 2):  Zey tells them they are spread too thin to take on the planet entirely bu they understand that the militia is quite a tolerable threat.  Darman continued to keep an eye on both the shapeshifter and Jusik, the padawan in the corner.  Zey said that they need ot seek out and destry a nanovirus on Qiilura and to kill the Seperatist scientist who created it, Ovolot Quail Uthan.  Jusik filled in saying that Jedi already scouted the planet, Master Kast Fullier, but they haven’t heard from him or his padawan in weeks.  When they asked for questions, Niner asked what the comm situation was, and the answer was Neimoidians.  The Neimoidians try to maintain control over the people, so long term communication is totally out.  Darman asked the nature of the nanovirus and Zey said it appears to be aimed specifically at Clones.  The Gurlanin also answered saying that they fear the Clones, so they are looking for a way to wipe them out.  Zey said that they do not know of the Commando Corps. and do not know of the full potential of this unite.  We will use that to our advantage.  Their secondary mission is to find Jedi Master Fulier, but Uthan and the facility are the primary targets.  Zey turned it over to his padawan, Jusik, who introduced himself as their weapons and data person.  They followed him down a corridor as the Gurlanin kept shape shifting into different creatures.  When they got to the door, Jusik asked them all to remove their helmets…..


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