‘Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 1 (Part 3)

Okay, Tuesday.  Day after the concert and everything seemed to go okay.  I got up and felt a little better yet today.  I was able to get ready for work without being totally exhausted and without feeling like I was being rushed to get out the door.  Heather drove me to school so she could take the car to Syracuse to do some Christmas shopping.  She went to Syracuse because they are the closest mall with a “Build A Bear” store and they have a “Hello Kitty” that can be filled at their store.  So, Heather took off with the car and I was able to start working on taking the cords off the stage from yesterday and last night’s concert.  I guess it’s our way of finally defining that the concert is officially over.  Heather called me once she got to Syracuse and let me know why her cell phone wasn’t working.  Well, let me back up.

Evidently, Christmas is the time of year when companies just become stupid!  That’s right, you heard me, companies are just getting what I call “Holiday Dumb”.  I think they do it on purpose so they can try to screw their customers over more after the season and expect all of us to just throw our arms in the air and say, “all well, take my money!!”  Okay, let me start with my garbage company.  My garbage company has been telling Heather and I to simply tape an envelope with a check in it to our garbage can to make payments.  No problem, till we had a wind storm on a Monday night and the envelope blew away.  So, that idea didn’t work, so they told us to “wedge” the check in on the top of the garbage can and give them a call when we do it so they can look out for it the next day.  Well, before my wife left today, she found our check on the ground in our yard, even though we put it there and bothered to call the company.  Meanwhile, we’re earning penalties for being late with payments.  So, I told Heather, from this point on we are mailing the payments to them, which they don’t want us to do.  But, if they offer us no other solution to the problem, then this is my solution, and they’ll just have to deal!

Now, onto Cingular.  My wife calls Cingular today to try and figure out why they have turned off her phone.  Cingular claims we bounced a check with them (get this) in 2005!!!!   First off, this is the first time we’ve heard anything about it.  Second of all, they have NO WAY TO PROVE IT!!!  That’s right, they said they’ve lost the data, but according to their computer we’ve bounced a check with them.  They’re just not sure where or when.   Right.  I just decided to bounce a phantom check for no reason at all.  So, now Heather can’t put more minutes on her phone until we take care of the bounced check.  What bounced check?!!! They can’t even prove it happened!!  Anyway, Heather said she’s going to try and chase this down tomorrow.  Huh, I don’t have a lot of faith.

Okay, Heather came and picked me up from school today and we came home.  She showed me some of the things we got the kids and some are ridiculously cute.  Like, she not only got the “Hello Kitty” doll, but jamas and slippers for her too.  Way too cute stuff.  Of course, I’m not allowed to get in the trunk of my car today because my gifts are there.  That will have to be resolved before tomorrow.  We came home and I took a little nap because all of this work at school takes all of my energy out of me because of still being sick.  I got up and helped to make dinner together and we had dinner and then dropped Heather off to work.  I then went to the Vestal Marching Band end of the year party and had a nice time with the staff and kids.  As a matter of fact, I received the “Just One More Time Award”.  Yet again, since I got it twice with Binghamton.  Hey, what can I say?  I insist that my students try something more than once, and everyone thinks it’s funny.  Anyway, it was a blast a ton of fun.  I came back to Heather’s work and she took her break to bring me home.

Okay, let’s talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss, Chapter 1, Part 3……

 Chapter 1 (Part 3):  It was a bad day for Etain Tur Mukan as she ran through a field of grain.  She fell to the ground to hid herself as a Weequay tried to pursue her.  Etain thought to herself that she should’ve waited till it was dark to escape the Weequay.  He got closer to her and started to kick the grass trying to find her.  He kept calling for her,when a loud wet “thwack” sound was let out.  A voice told he Weequay, named Di’Kut that he needs to stop getting drunk and chasing women.  The Weequay made a horrible sound and the discussion now began to move away from Etain.  She waited till dusk to move, being careful before the gdans started to hunt in packs.  As she got up, she had dung and debris stuck to her from the field.  She pulled out a cloth and thought that all she needed was a stream to clean up in. Out of nowhere, a farmer commented about her waisting her time, if that’s the crop she’s after.  She made sure to hide her lighsaber in case he may think to turn her in.  She offered to pay the farmer for the damages to his crop, but he ignored the proposal and asked why they were after her……


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