‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 7)

Well, as of today, everything is set-up for the concert on Monday.  It’s good to have all the work behind me and to be concentrating on the simple things now.  I need to do a little clean-up work in the auditorium.  The good news is that all the cords are now properly taped down and everything is looking good.  I had a chance to really push the system today and it seems that the new speaker placement has made a significant change.  My students did the next segment of Music History today and I have felt much better.  Probably the best I’ve felt since before marching band camp.  I was haucking up some serious phlegm this morning, but it feels good to get this “stuff” out of my system.  That’s right, I said it feels good to be hacking up crap out of my throat.  Man, I never thought I would actually say that.  The Benadril and breath strips seems to be doing the trick.  I found out today that I accidentally broke school policy a little with my Blackboard site on the website that I wrote about a few months back.  Evidently, you’re not to have links to external personal information on a school based website and the administration didn’t like the fact that I had a link on my Blackboard site to this blog and my podcast page, so I had to remove it.  I also had to remove my biography because it had personal information on it too.  I took that stuff off my site today to appease them and to make sure I follow school policy.

I got done with grading papers and school work a little bit before the end of the day today, so I listened to part of last weeks “The Force Cast” just to catch up on some podcast listening.  After school, I raced over to the elementary school.  Well, race as fast as I could on slick roads.  I had to take some time to start up the car, brush it off, and scrape it off before I left because we’ve actually had a snowfall that’s stuck to the ground now.  Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas afterall.  Got to the school and caught the second half of Tara’s parent/teacher conference.  It was a glowing report as always.  Her reports sound almost exactly the same as the ones we would get about Ruth when she was this age.  She’s very bright, outgoing, and ahead of many of the kids developmentally and is a very sharp young lady.  We, as always, were very proud parents.  After her conference, we went to Austin’s conference.  It was more of a mixed bag.  The teacher thinks Austin is a very smart young man.  She’s amazed at his verbal vocabulary and he can sit down and have a very intellectual conversation with an adult.  He’s even getting pretty good at Math.  But his reading is still way below level.  The teacher really wants to help him catch-up on this.  She’s getting him some reading help, even though he technically tested out of that option.  I’m glad she decided to do that and she helped my wife and I with some helpful strategies.  I’m glad this teacher seems concerned and she agrees with me that holding Austin back would be a BIG mistake for him, so I’m glad she agrees with me there as well.  It wasn’t a bad report.  It was exactly what we had expected.  We got done, came home, picked up the kids form the neighbors and then headed to Wendy’s to get some dinner.  We came home and I took a bath and joined Heather in the basement for our typical evening shows (“Survivor”, and “C.S.I.”) and then we watched the ending of “Walk The Line” before going to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about the last segment of this book, part 7 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster – Before we go on, I just want to let you all know that we have changed the order of the books a little as “Outbound Flight” is not avaliable on paperback just yet.  So, we will be reviewing “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss, onto our last segment for this book.  Final review of it will be tommorrow……

Chapter 18 (Part 7):  As they walked through the clear walkway, they watched the air cars flying by on Coruscant.  Mousul and Shu Mai lengthened their stride as Uliss fell behind.  As they got to the end of the walkway, bot Shu Mai and Mousul turned as Shu Mai pushed a button on the device now in her hand.  Uliss was rightfully upset as he hit an invisible forceshield on either side of him in the walkway.  Uliss began to yell at the two of them. cursing them, and throwing his fists in the air.  Shu Mai said patience is a weapon they cannot waste, and touched several buttons on her controller again.  The walkway broke away from both towers and plummeted 166 stories to the ground below.  As Shu Mai leaned out to watch the walkway shatter against the ground, she commented to Mousul that structural integrity in the city was beginning to be a problem.  Mousul said it was a terrible tragedy and Shu Mai said she would personally deliver the eulogy.  Mousul said that this should strike fear in the other members of the Commerce Guild.  They parted ways and Shu Mai went to her private office.  She made sure it was secure and punched the security code on her communication device.  She explained the failure on Ansion and the voice said it’s a shame as they will have to scale back their plans.  Shu Mai continued, saying she had to make an object lesson of one of their supporting senators.  The voice said the loss of Tam Uliss was understandable.  Shu Mai assured that the Commerce Guild remains strong.  Count Dooku smiled and said that changes are afoot, whether the Jedi interfere or not.  Shu Mai ended the transmission and left the room.  There was still much to be done.


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