‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 6)

Well, it’s Wednesday and things are really starting to come together for the concert.  I, however, felt like total crap throughout the entire day today.  I am getting worse as far as sickness is concerned.  However, by the end of the day today I started to feel better.  It started last night.  After I wrote my blog last night, my wife ended up showing up at the house on her break at night and brought me some “stuff”.  First, she brought me some of those “breath right” nasal strips to try and help me to get my nasal passages open to sleep at night.  That, and because of this cold she said my snoring has been getting progressively worse.  So, I tried the strip and it seemed to work.  Unfortunately, the strip fell off halfway trough the night, but it seemed to open up my passage-ways.  Heather also talked to the pharmacist at CVS while she was there and she suggested I try some Benadryl and we already had some in the house.  Of course, when I took it, it wiped me out for the night.  When the alarm sounded this morning I really didn’t want to get up, but I had to for school.  I was exhausted and I had the dryest throat I think I’ve ever had.  So much so, that I couldn’t talk for about fifty minutes or so this morning.  I even tried drinking some OJ to bring my voice back, but that didn’t help much.

It ended up being a tough day for class.  I had to give a test (not much voice needed there) and teach keyboard and recorder, which totally strained my voice.  My sixth grade students actually found it funny that my voice was changing pitch like I was a teenager again while I was trying to teach recorder.  But, it made for an interesting day to teach, that’s for sure!  I was relieved to learn that Heather got to work and back today using the city bus system.  She’s decided to use that instead of relying on our “not so reliable” car.  It’s just a temporary fix for the next few months until we can afford to use our tax return and get a cheap-o car to replace the two that we have that are crap.  I forgot my SMASH bag this morning, so I had to stop by the house before rehearsal and pick it up.  SMASH went pretty well tonight considering I felt like garbage.  I had some friends of ours donate some Star Wars stuff to my collection in the basement.  The stuff I got was pretty awesome, actually!!  I got a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game based on the classic trilogy.  I also got two of the “Burger King” promotional glasses from “Return of the Jedi”, a Star Wars beer stein which fits in with the one I already have and a Star Wars VCR Tape interactive game, and a really cool Darth Vader 3-D puzzle which is complete.  It’s all going to fit well with my stuff in the basement.  As my wife said when she came downstairs, “and the collection just keeps growing!”

Okay, let’s talk about the second to last segment of Chapter 18, better known as part 6 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 6):  Three of them had arrived at Bror Tower Three and they met on the 166th floor, one at a time to not attract attention.  Shu Mai watched as Mousul and Tam Uliss approached.  Shu Mai said that Mousul had not delivered as Ansion voted to stay in the Republic.  The Senator said it was not his fault and Shu Mai agreed.  Uliss says it doesn’t matter as they move forward now without the Ansionians, Malarians, or Keitumites.  Shu Mai said the guild does not believe there is enough support for such actions.  Uliss said that is not what she agreed to last week.  She suggested they move this discussion to Bror Tower Four, where security droids are already in place so theycan come to an agreement.  Uliss said they already agreed on this, and as they walked, said others have been ready for over a year now.  Uliss said he pushed to not have them wait forever, and Shu Mai said she was simply waiting for the right time.  Uliss asked how long that would be and Shu Mai said she couldn’t say.  Mousul interjected saying that patience is a powerful tool.  Shu Mai and Tam Uliss agreed that they would not agree on this matter.  They respected each other for that…..

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