‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 3)

Well, Josh and I woke up a little later than I think we wanted to this morning.  Of course, it didn’t help that we stayed up until four this morning watching a movie.  Josh woke me up around ten this morning and apparently had been up for a while prepping the turkey for tonight’s shindig.  I ate some breakfast of waffles and then went upstairs took a shower and got ready to go.  Josh went right after me and we headed right out and took off for Tuba Christmas.  We got there in perfect time and warmed up and played with everyone for an hour.  We then went out into Midtown and played.  It was kind of sad to see how rundown this old mall really has become.  There’s definetly not much there anymore.  Well, we played out concert and my parents met up with me and the kids and they were excited because they watched “The Polar Express” with my parents the night before with popcorn and the whole nine yards.  Basically, grammy and papa spoiled them, which is what they’re supposed to do.  I took the kids and ran into my old marching band director in the process (Paul Maginn).  We talked VERY briefly and then I had to head out because Josh and I had to get back to his house.  Before we left we grabbed a few Arby’s sandwiches to tide us over till tonight.

We left and started home.  Josh got a call from Joanne who let him know that there was a hole in the pan for the turkey and that the juices were smoking up the house.  He made some suggestions to help and she let him know that she needed cranberry sauce.  So, we headed to Wade’s with the kids and they were nice enough to help out Uncle Josh while we shopped.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in Wades.  Probably since I worked the store for Coke about seven years.  It hasn’t changed since then.  We then went back to the house and Phil and Kate were already there.  The party pretty much started from there.  We watched some of “The Office:Season 1” before dinner then had a great dinner.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, squash, stuffing, spinach salad, ohhh, and did I mention th stuffing?  Yeah, it was pretty awesome tasting stuffing!!  Anyway, when dinner was over we watched “Clerks II” and had some of Foz’s deserts.  One was awesome (a chocolate cake with white russian drizzled on top) and then there was the infamous Italian Love Cake.  No one fell in love with this cake because Foz made a mistake and I felt so sorry for him.  We all think he accidentally used salt instead of sugar.  OOppss!!  In amongst all of this, my kids were downstairs and I went down there and so did several others fromt he party and we spent some time with them occassionaly.  They really behaved well and they had a great dinner too!! Besides, they got to watch “Over The Hedge” and “Ice Age 2” all in one night.  What kid wouldn’t love that?

After watching “Clerks II”, we played some poker in the kitchen, and Josh spotted me some money to play.  And, in style, I was the second person out.  I just play poker a little too aggressively.  Anyway, once the party started to wind down, I moved the kids upstairs and into bed in the guest bedroom with me.  I had to yell at them a few times to not goof around, but they eventually fell asleep.  Josh and I then went downstairs to play some PS2 and went to bed around one in the morning.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 3):  The snipers asked about the Alwari companions and Ogomoor said th ground troops would take care of them.  The Jedi began to emerge and Ogomoor’s assassins began to fire.  As they did, Alwari seemed to fall out of the sky killing his snipers left and right.  As he raced for the doorway, Ogomoor recognized their tattoos a Borokii and Januul overclan warriors.  He saw his snipers being overwhelmed all over the place and he did not look forward to reporting this failure to Soergg.  As he climbed down the stairs, Ogomoor wondered if now was not the time to change his employer.  Then he remembered he had one card yet to play.  The Jedi did not know what had happened to the snipers til they saw an old friend, Bayaar.  Obi-Wan admitted that their timing for a reunion was impeccable.  Then Bayaar told them that this was the present promised to the Jedi.  A noble army of protectors.  He told them  they shadowed them all the way from the Borokii/Januul camp and almost didn’t catch up in time.  Ankin said they would have managed, but the help was welcome, and then realized that he was really becoming brash when it comes to speaking as a padawan.  Luminara said they are anxious to conclude their mission…..


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