‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 3)

It was Friday and it was an interesting and long day.  I got up around the same time I do for school and finished packing up the car and getting things together to leave.  Everyone was still saying that the storm should be hitting around noon and they were suggesting that you stay indoors if you could.  I was one of the few fools planning a trip amongst this, but I have faith in myself and in my God that things will work out for the good.  The kids and I got on the road around nine a.m.  We gave our goodbye kisses to mom and the kids were pretty excited about being able to go to grammy and papas and then having the ability to go to Uncle Josh’s (he’s kind of a surrogate Uncle).  We went down to PA to get gas and there was quite a line to the pump, probably because of the rising gas prices.  Anyway, as we were driving back through Binghamton to get up to Rochester, I kept the radio on to our preset station and found out a lot of the schools were sending their kids home at noon because the county had called for a pre-emptive state of emergency.  I kind of chuckled to myself because this would mean I only lost half a sick day instead of a whole one.  Bonus!  Anyway, we got going and we listened to “High School Musical”, “Cars”, and “Tigger” in the car on the way.  We only had to stop twice for the kids which was nice.

There was NO ONE on the road, so I made good time and got to grammy and papas by 11:30 a.m.  Excellent time as a matter of fact.  We went inside and hung out till they came home and then helped them unload the car from grocery shopping.  I showed my parents the page in the “Who’s Who” book and told my parents that they get to thump their chests for both their sons as we made it into the book in the same year.  We at lunch together and I gave Josh a call and agreed to meet him at his house at two.  I got down to his house just after he arrived and we quickly got things settled at the house and went out shopping.  It was kind of odd for us shopping like this.  We weren’t in a hurry because it wasn’t last minute shopping which ironically didn’ t put us under any pressure which we were used to.  We went to Eastview mall first and I found a gift for Heather there but not much.  Then we went to Target and that’s where I hit the jackpot.  I found a whole bunch of gifts for her there and the good news is that if she doesn’t like the color or style of something, she can return it at home.  We then were getting hungry, so we met Joanne and Jen at Mexicos and had some Mexican food for dinner.  After that, Josh and I went back out to shopping.

We went through Canandaigua and stopped at “Advanced Auto Parts” and got Josh a new air filter and wiper blades for his car and put them in.  This is when we realized the temperature had seriously dropped and the wind was starting to get nasty.  We then headed over to their new Super Wal Mart and found some more gifts.  In particular, I convinced Josh to get a fake Christmas tree for their house.  Joanne had talked about wanting to get one at dinner and I told Josh that I came from a family that went out and got the fresh cut tree and it was sacralige to do anything else.  But, Heather and I have a fake one now.  Not because we hate the fresh ones, but because it’s easier and it still generates the Christmas sprirt with less clean up.  So, Josh got a nice pre-lit tree.  We got done there and I asked if they had a “Borders” because I heard they carried Star Wars miniatures there.  He said they did, but he wasn’t sure if they were open as it was coming up on nine p.m.  I said they probably had extended hours for holiday shopping.  Well, I got lucky and sure enough, they were open till ten p.m.  So, we first went into Circuit City where I finally found Volume I of “Star Wars:Clone Wars” cartoon on D.V.D.  So I got that and we headed over to Borders where I found a book for Heather and I also found a set of Star Wars Miniatures.  We got done and sat down and had a coffee at their shop and then got it to go and headed for Josh’s house.

We then got everything in the house and while Joanne put the tree together upstairs (which the tree looks really nice by the way) Josh and I wrapped gifts downstairs.  I also gave Josh his Christmas gift from me, which he loved (an anime movie titled “Full Metal Alchemy”) and we watched while we wrapped gifts.  When we got done we decided that we still wanted to do something else, so we watched “Superman Returns” until four in the morning.

I HATED the movie “Superman Returns”!!!  It has destroyed the whole convention of Superman movies and has spat on everything that Christopher Reeves set out to do.  It got to a point where Josh and I knew exactly what was going to happen next and we even called the “Superman’s Son” thing long before it was even revealed.  To make matters worse, there’s a HUGE hole in the story!!  Lois Lane acts like she doesn’t know who Superman is.  However, she does!! Remember, Superman II?!!  Oh yeah, she has to know it’s Clark because she slept with Clark and had his kid!!  Oh, this is only the beginning of how I feel about this movie.  I may have to target it in a podcast sometime in the future.

Alright, time to change subjects and talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” Chapter 18, Part 3 by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 3):   The Jedi Masters looked for landspeeders, but the street was too full and no transports were to be had.  They were about halfway there when Luminara detected a tremor in The Force and saw movement out of the corner of her eye.  Luminara alerted the padawans adn Obi-Wan, whent he fellow Master whispered asking where.  She looked up and left and they quickly spread the word to the rest of the caravan, except Tooqui, who they felt wouldn’t handle the situaion well.  When the snipers opened fire from the roofs, they found their shots deflected by lightsabers.  They all ducked into a large building on the far side of the street.  Ogomoor could not believe what he witnessed.  He had hired the best snipers he could buy, but not one of them could hit the Jedi.  They couldn’t hit what they couldn’t see.  Ogomoor pulled out his comlink and told his ground troops to rush the building.  Hopefully they would drive the Jedi onto the street where the snipers would be effective.  Luminara fed her friends to protect the customers.  Fire erupted in the building as rifles and blasters opened up adn the owners worried aobut how bad their building would look when it was all over.  They all realized these assassins were much better than the cheap ones thwon at them when they first got to Ansion.  A Vrot took aim at Barriss when Tooqui jumped on him and tred to distract him.  As the Vrot tossed Tooqui aside, he brought his rifle to bear on the Gwurran as Kyakhta and Bulgan grabbed him from behind and started to beat him up.  Luminara agreed they needed to retreat for the sake of the innocent bystanders if not for themselves.  Ogomoor instructed his ground troops to back-off once the Jedi retreated to the streets.  He reminded the snipers that not one of them can live…..


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