‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 1)

Hump day!!  What a Wednesday it was for all of us.  It was just a busy day on the personal end of things.  Heather drove me into work as she usually does now because we have one car.  I went throughout the day today with my students and we did some of our typical work that we do on a Wednesday.  My students worked well and Heather came to pick me up a little early from work.  We went to Ruth’s school and had a parent/teacher conference.  If you want to call it that.  It basically turned into a “thank you” session where the teachers (both of them as Ruth has a student teacher in her classroom) thanked Heather and I for having such a polite, smart young girl.  I looked the teacher straight in the eye and said “thank you” to her.  I thanked her for being the first teacher to realize my daughter’s potential.  Before this point, other teachers have claimed that Ruth isn’t that far ahead in her abilities and therefore is inelligible for advanced studies in anything.  However, this teacher recognized this in Ruth right away and fought to get her into an advanced program and because of this, Ruth is excelling in school and isn’t bored with what is going on in school.

We got done with the conference and Heather gave me a small snack before dinner (I wasn’t going to eat till late because of SMASH rehearsal) and also gave me the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” book and showed me that not only did I make the book, but my brother is directly above me.  Man, that would make my parents proud and I’ll have to bring the book with me this weekend to show my parents.  Anyway, I got to SMASH early because of our non-conference, conference.  So, I ate my snack and had rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well, and when I got done, Jim gave me a ride home.  I got home and ate some dinner that Heather had some left-overs of.  I then joined her downstairs and we watched some of our usual Wednesday night shows and went to bed.

Alright, almost done with this book.  Last Chapter!!  Let’s talk about the first part of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 1):  Ogomoor had just left Soergg’s chamber with a bit of good financial news when he heard his bossban scream, “that’s not possible!!”  Ogomoor knew he was about to find out what had happened.  The communication transmission continued as the Hutt’s veins began to pop out.  When the transmission ended, Soergg threw the communication robot into the wall and broke it into pieces.  Soergg let Ogomoor know that the Jedi had returned.  Ogomoor asked if they were in Cuipernam and the Hutt sarcastically told him they were in his sleeping quarters.  Soergg told him they were at the local inn and told Ogomoor to do whatever it takes to stop them from getting to the municipal complex.  He told him to hold them till after sunset so the vote can take place.  Ogomoor pointed out that this may make the public upset.  Soergg said he didn’t care about the public and told Ogomoor to get to work!…..


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