‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 17 (Part 2)

Tuesday.  Second day of the week and I would like to point out that I am still caught up with my blog.  Not bad considering we’re going into the holiday season.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m patting myself on my back.  It was quite a busy day as I continue to try to get as much work done with my students before this upcoming holiday break.  My students are really stepping up to the challenge and most are doing well.  I have even been able to keep up with my lesson plan book as well as my grading of student papers.  Let’s hope I can get to be this efficient with my podcast and Star Wars book reviews.

I was able to secure a Baritone to take with me to Rochester this weekend which is cool.  I decided that I really need to solidify my plans for my parents’ sake for this weekend today so they know what to expect and when.  I also worked on getting things together for tommorrow as Heather will be dropping me off to SMASH with the stuff I need to rehearse with the students.  This whole one car buisness is going to be a pain in the ass over the next couple of months, but I know we’ll just have to make due.  I am looking forward to this weekend only because I haven’t seen Josh or Phil or anyone from Rochester in almost a year (as far as friends go) and it would be really nice to see some of them again.  It’s kind of hard when your best friend and most of your childhood friends are about three hours or more away.  It will also be nice to get my shopping for Heather done early this year.  This is the first time I’ve had the ability to do that and I kind of like the idea.  This way I know that my shopping for her will be done.

I came home and spent some time with Heather before she had to go to work.  We got dinner together (meat loaf and mashed potatoes) and ate together as a family and Heather had to leave for work while we cleaned up.  I had the kids finish upstairs while I came downstairs and started to play “Lego:Star Wars”.  It’s been a long time since I’ve played the game and I am very close to being done with the game now.  I played for about two hours tonight and all I need now is all the superkit pieces.  Once I have them, I’ll be able to unlock the “?” door and play the final episode in the game.  I’ll probably get it done just in time to see “Legos: Star Wars II” go down in price for me to buy.  When the kids finished, they watched me for a little while, went upstairs and read and then went to bed.  I watched “The Unit”, and then caught up on emails and watched “Star Wars III:  Revenge of the Sith” only because it was on Cinemax.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 17 (Part 2):  Unity delegate Fargane was nervous.  He was homesick and was upset that it was all for the Republic and their Jedi.  He felt that the vote was now long overdue, even though he didn’w know how he would vote.  Tolut insisted that Jedi were still out there and that maybe they should wait a little longer.  Even Tolut began to wonder where the Jedi could be and wondered if they were all “fluff” and no action.  That’s when Ogomoor, as an observer, chimed in saying that obviously the Jedi had left.   Dameered asked if he meant Ansion.  Ogomoor implied that they could have left, they could be dead, but also said it didn’t matter as they failed in their mission.  Fargane and Ranjiyn agreed, Tolut asked for more time and Kandah snapped back saying they don’t serve Ansion, but the Republic instead.  Ranjiyn said they should only wait till the end of the week and Volune agreed.  Tolut and Fargane also agree.  They had other buisness to attend to and other worlds, like the Malarians and Keitumites were anxiously waiting their decision.  Ogomoor was pleased and he knew that Soergg would be too.


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