‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 16 (Part 9)

Black Friday.  Why is this day black again.  Is it because stores go into the black?  Or is it because shoppers are black and blue when the day is all said and done?  I know the answer is the former, but I think they need to change their reasons to the latter.  It was a madhouse everywhere we went today and Heather and I expected it and actually had a very good shopping experience.  Others around us just seemed to be in bad moods and definetly didn’t understand what “holiday mood” meant.
We started by getting up around 7:30 this morning and made good time down to the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It was a quaint little mall but was a wonderful shopping experience.  We went to Sears first and found Ruth a very nice coat (she needed a new winter one) on sale.  The coat would’ve cost us $50 normally, but with it on sale, it cost a little less than $25 and we dealt with less sales tax!!  Gotta love that!  We also found Uncle Mike’s gift there as well.  Then we went to Payless and got all the kids new sneakers as they had worn out their old ones.  I have yet to find boots that I would deem appropriate as Jedi boots and I searched all day today, to no avail.  Anyway, we went next door to FYE and did some more shopping.  We continued around the mall.  We noticed a mall nearby and did some shopping there for Christmas and got Grandpa Crissman’s gift as well as a new lightsaber (purple) for Tara for Christmas and I was able to finally find a Kit Fisto figure to add to my Star Wars collection.  We then headed for the Mall at Steam Town, which was in Scranton.

When we got to the mall at Steam Town, we didn’t even get out of the car.  I had a bad idea when I looked at the neighborhood and so did Heather.  Especially with our nice new car.  Compared to what we were seeing, our car was proabably gold to the people that lived there.  The best way I can explain it (if you’ve ever lived in Rochester), it’s like having Midtown Mall on Clinton Ave.  It was just unsafe and I felt unsafe just driving through.  So, we scratched that idea now knew we had to eat for the kids’ sake because it was getting on noon.  So, we headed for the Viewmont Mall in Scranton, PA, but on our way, we ran into a Burger King.  The kids were happy because they got Happy Feet toys, but Austin was upset because the portions were so small.  It’s a good thing Heather and I brought snacks, so Austin ate those while we got some gas at Sheets’.  We then went to this mall and found some more gifts.  Heather then wanted to go to the local JoAnn’s Fabrics and I took the kids to Toys R ‘Us while she did.  We didn’t last too long in there as Toys R ‘Us was wiped out.  Not much left in the store at all!!  Anyway, we went back to JoAnn’s to join Heather.  I went and got some more velcro (without sticky) to add to my Jedi costume before Sunday for a Birthday party for a boy in Syracuse that is in a hospital as a fundraiser for him.  Anyway, while I was there, I thought I would check out the patterns and see if I could find a Princess Leia or a Padme for Heather.  Unfortunately, all the fears that I have read on the message boards has come true.  McCall’s no longer carries any Star Wars or like minded patterns anymore.  They’re all gone.  Bummer!!

Anyway, we left there by 2:30 in the afternoon and were home by 3:30.  Heather helped me get stuff into the house (and we snuck Tara’s gift right past her) and then she took a nap while I unloaded the “stuff” from the day.  Heather still had to work tonight, so I understood why she had to take a nap.  It was a long day between yesterday and today, and I could go to bed earlier tonight if I had to.  Not long after she woke up, we had everything packed away and we were getting leftovers together for dinner.  Heather left for work and we ate dinner and cleaned up and did some cleaning up around the house from the past week.  I went downstairs later tonight and watched “National Lampoon’s Van Wiler” on the Comedy Channel and did some improvements to my Jedi costume before retiring and going to bed.

Speaking of Jedi costumes, time to put on our lightsabers, light up our minds and talk about Part 9 of Chapter 16 of Alan Dean Foster’s “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm”…..

Chapter 16 (Part 9):  With only the Borokii warriors following, they made the several day march to the Januul camp.  When Luminara looked at the Januul camp, it was eerily similar to the Borokii camp they had left behind.  Bayarr told them that the argument between the Januul and Borokii clans has been going on for years and that he hoped they would have victory today.  He said he was sorry they got involved in this and Luminara said she was sorry they were involved as well, as she dismounted from her suubatar.  She worked to the front of the Borokii line and noted the Januul line was assembled on the far side of the small river.  They thought that the Borokii clan had advanced undetected, but, in reality, the Januul had detected them days earlier and were well prepared.  The camp was being shut down in fear of the battle and the herd was under minimal supervision.  Bayaar thought that many Alwari would die today, but with Jedi help, the Borokii would prevail.  Luminara noted that there was a little less than one-thousand Januul warriors clad in home-made armor and Obi-Wan agreed.  Obi-Wan noted to Bayaar that there were no heavy weapons of any kind.  Bayaar said if they were to use this technology, they would be shunned by every other clan on Ansion.  Anakin thought that this would be another moment for him to educate himself.  Luminara noted that the Januul warriors looked impressive and Bayaar said witht their help, the dispute between the Borokii and Januul will be settled today.  Obi-Wan said he hoped so as they were here to set the example for both Alwari tribes.  Bayaar thought that was an odd thing to say for this moment…..


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