‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 16 (Part 7)

Okay, today was a busy day even though I had the day off from school.  I figured since we were at home all day, the kids and I needed to finish some last minute winter preparations on the house before the first snowfall.  So, I got up at nine this morning with the kids.  I watched Dr. Phil and ate breakfast with them and then we all went out about a half hour or so later and started raking leaves.  I can’t believe how many leaves we had around the house and what got ruined because of the flood.  My yard is still a muddy, mucky mess, but this morning the leaves were frozen to the ground because of the frost.  It was good because the ground was frozen too.  But it was bad because this meant that the leaves were frozen to the ground.  This made it harder to rake the leaves, so I raked and the kids took them to the bank to dump them over the edge.  We worked on this as a team for about two hours and got a majority of the main part of our yard done.  I’ve decided to let the second property got this year, because the lawn could use the mulch created by the leaves to attempt and regenerate the lawn next spring when we lay down some grass seed.

We came inside and ate lunch and I worked on fixing Heather’s utensil drawer (again).  This is the third time fixing this drawer.  I keep telling her she puts too much in weight in the drawer, but she just keeps ignoring me and I just keep fixing the problem.  I told her next time I’m duct taping it, and she thinks I was joking.  She’ll find out!  Anyway, got that done and the kids and I headed downstairs and I continued to work on the basement while we all watched “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.  This movie seemed a little more tame to watch with the kids and we talked about it the whole way through.  Ruth was really getting into the movie because she’s just started reading the books.  This will be interesting as I haven’t even read the books yet, so she’ll be one step ahead of me.  While we did that, I re-set-up the Helm’s Deep set.  I told the kids that if we got a chance to start playing this weekend we would and that we would continue our battle off and on throughout the winter months when we had snow days and breaks from school.  I figure by the time we have our Star Wars IVa, we’ll have the table cleared off.

So, I said I would talk about it later, so here it is.  For my friends that know me, on May 25th, 26th, and 27th, Star Wars is having a Celebration IV in California.  Most of my friends and Star Wars friends can’t afford to go to California to be part of the festivities, so my family and I are doing the next best thing here in Binghamton.  We are going to host on the same weekend what I call Celebration IVa (or it can be pronounced “Celebration Foray”).  We are going to watch all six Star Wars movies back to back and potentially add in the Clone Wars Cartoons (the only Star Wars TV show that I respect) in the proper order.  That’s right, were starting with Episode I and ending with Episode VI the way George Lucas intended us to do.  There will be more info to come, but my friends that know me can email me or call me to let me know they are interested and I will get them the info as it becomes available.  There is even discussions of having a giant Star Wars Risk game and a round of Star Wars Miniatures and Star Wars CCG gaming in my house.  It will be awesome!! So, if you’re interested, give me a buzz!

Okay, let’s continue to talk about Star Wars as we talk about Part 7 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 16 (Part 7):  A Borokii said they have heard talk of secessionists, and Obi-Wan talks of how these talks hae happened before, but these secessionists in the past are long forgotten.  Obi-Wan opted not to tell them all that he knew about the forces at work outside of Ansion.  Then the Borokii ask how they know that the Unity won’t go back on their word.  Luminara said tht the Republic and Jedi Council will oversee this and will grant them protection from the Commerce Guild, the Trade Federation, and others.  There were more questions and discussions and after not too long, they were told to retire and that they would receive an answer before the sun set that night.  The Borokii said this was an important decision that would affect generations to come.  The moments following the summit were the most stressful as they awaited word from the council.  Kyakhta, Bulgan, and Tooqui took their minds off of the waiting by insisting that they explain to them everything that happened.  Byaar returned soon after, grabbing everyone’s attention.  He told the Jedi that the council was ready to see them again.  As they walked to the shelter, Anakin commented that it was about time and Barriss replied quoting one of Yoda’s euphamisms.  As they entered, Luminara noted that some of the elders seats had changed and wondered if that had any significance.  They told the Jedi that they do believe that they can trust them.  They agreed to honor the treaty and keep Ansion in the Republic in exhange for one thing…..


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