‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 16 (Part 3)

This was another pretty busy Saturday in our list of Saturdays from this fall.  I thought since we didn’t seem to have anywhere to go, it would be a dead Saturday, but that was not the case.  We all got up pretty late this morning as we all stayed up pretty late last night and Heather worked till two this morning.  I took Heather over to her friends’ house to do some scrap booking as she was having an all day event at her house.  I think it was good for Heather to go there and get out of the house and away from the stress and things around the house.  While she did that, I took the kids to the grand re-opening of the local Toys R’ Us.  I did it for three reasons.  The first was to show support for the store as they were discussing not coming back to the area after they got flooded out in June and talked of closing the store for good.  Second, I did it so the kids could meet some characters.  Dora the Explorer, Sunshine CareBear, Sponge Bob Square Pants, The Cat in the Hat, and Austin’s favorite – Spiderman were there.  I couldn’t resist to take the kids and besides, it would be a great photo opportunity for Heather’s scrap booking later.  The second reason was to have the kids give Heather and I some ideas for things for Christmas.  Austin’s really easy to shop for, but the girls are starting to get hard.  Ruth is in that “tweens” stage, where she’s not a kid anymore but she’s also not quit a teenager, which makes it harder to shop for her.  Third, it was a personal reason.  Heather allotted me $30 to go shopping.  So, for the first time in my life, I went Star Wars collectible hunting.  That was actually really cool!!  I was able to come away with quite a few things.  I decided to keep to the cheaper products and I had a $5 off a purchase of $25 or more, so I was able to go over budget a little.  I got mostly titanium die cast miniatures of spaceships.  My son had some, so he donated to the cause when we got home and helped by brining his ships downstairs to display with mine.  Anyway, I got the Tie Interceptor, the Tie Fighter, the Droid Fighter, and the Y-Wing.  My son donated his Arc Fighter, and Naboo Cruiser to the cause.  I also got a new pack of figures that are miniatures called “Unleashed”.  I got the pack that had Kit Fisto, because he’s my favorite Star Wars character.

Toys R’ Us was an absolute mad-house!!  I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I walked into those doors.  There were massive amounts of kids and parents in the store and it was packed wall to wall and floor to ceiling (at least it seemed that way) with people.  Then, to make matters worse, the Toy R’ Us people didn’t know how to handle having people in costume suits.  I’ll give you an example.  When I go to a convention, or a person dresses in a Darth Vader or Boba Fett costume, we fully expect what we call the onslaught of kids.  In other words, kids and parents are going to want to have their picture taken with us.  We, as costumers, are used to this and actually enjoy this.  I know for me it helps to remind me that Star Wars is still alive and well and still a very popular part of American culture.  However, at Toys R’ Us, they didn’t handle that so well.  They had a security guard with each of the characters actually asking kids to back away.  One guy even told my daughter that she couldn’t give Dora a hug.  Now, luckily, Tara is a pretty mature young lady and she didn’t get upset.  However, there were other children that were in tears because they couldn’t touch Dora, nor could they have a pic taken with her.  Not a wise choice by Toys R’ Us.  Obviously they did not have rules in place for such an event and they did not know how to handle it well.  Not only did they have kids in tears, but they pissed off a whole bunch of parents.  And trust me, there is no one more angry than a pissed off parent with a child in tears next to them.  NOT A SMART MOVE!!  Anyway, we got through the chaos and checked out at the register with help from my kids and we got in the car and went home.

Once we got home, the kids and I all ate lunch.  That afternoon, they went out back to rake leaves while I dealt with the issues still in the basement.  I finished shop-vaccing the wet spots (there were very few by now) and worked on the carpet that was soaked from yesterday.  It was on the porch, but it still was pretty wet, so I shop-vacced that as well.  I then cleaned out the shop-vac because it had soaked up quite a bit of water.  Unfortunately, the filter is now officially shot on the machine.  I guess I’ll have to get some new ones when we can afford to buy them.  I got done with that and started to work on getting my new collectibles on display for downstairs when I got a phone call from Heather asking to come and pick her up.  We went over to pick her up and she said that she called our babysitters for the evening and apparently have spent the entire day cleaning out a friends basement from the flood.  They had two feet of water in their basement and spend most of the day “mucking out”.  So, we came home and had some time as a family and then ate dinner together and we all took Heather to work (she was able to secure a ride home from a co-worker for tonight).  I came back and got a shower and got ready for the concert and the babysitters were dropped off sometime around quarter after six.  I went over to West for the warm-up and the concert and performed.  When I came home (after intermission since I wasn’t in the second half of the performance), I woke up our kids, we all crawled into the car and took the babysitters home.  I got back to the house with the kids and they went back to bed while I went downstairs and finished working on my MySpace page and then caught up on my reading and blogging and got to bed around one a.m.

Okay, it’s time to talk about Part 3 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 16 (Part 3):  Luminara reminds Barriss that she was on her way back to them and smiled as she pulled the fur out of her undergarments.  Sh then showed the sentinel as the crowd gathered around to see the accomplishment.  The sentinel asi this is a story he would tell his grandchildren and he saw no reason why the Council of Elders would not see them now.  As they walked into camp, they explained they would not have children to tell this story to, and Bayaar felt sorry for them.  As they got to the visitor’s shelter, Luminara gave the fur to the sentinel and explained to him to give it to the council and explain how they achieved such a feat.  As they stepped into the shelter, Luminara collapsed into the arms of her friends.  Luminara said she at least needed a bath before she could even begin to think of presenting herself to the Council of Elders.  The Borokii began to gather outside their shelter in awe of what they had witnessed of the off-worlders.  They wee all greeted and well taken care of that night.  Much conversation took place.  They all fell asleep to the thought that tommorrow would be the end of their mission on Ansion.  As they lay there, Obi-WAn was still in awe of the task that Luminara had accomplished and had a newfound respect for the fellow Jedi Master.  Anakin lay wishing to return to Cuipernam which would mean he was closer to getting off of Ansion…..




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