‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 16 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Friday and I had high hopes that I wouldn’t have school this morning.  Simply because I was so exhausted from having to work on my basement last night that I hoped that I would have the opportunity to work on the basement today and hopefully take a look at the Escort and see if I can fix the “problem”.  When I first woke up, I found out that I had a two-hour delay and the county was still under a state of emergency.  The city was a disaster for many and many folks said they did not flood in June, but flooded this time around.  It made me feel better realizing that we weren’t the only ones that went through that.  The rain last night was amazing.  We got four inches of water in a matter of one hour!  No wonder the water had nowhere to go!  Anyway, I went back to bed for another hour and got up and checked the news.  This time, I still had a two-hour delay and the kids now officially didn’t have school.  This way okay, except for the fact that the parent/teacher conferences were now cancelled for after school today, which means Tara and Austin’s conferences were cancelled.  Anyway, I got ready for work and Heather decided she would drive me in to work if we couldn’t get the Escort started this morning.  I went out to the garage having high hopes that the Escort would start now that it had a chance to dry-off.  I went to start the engine and it sounded like it was killing itself.  I didn’t tell Heather, but it sounds like it might actually be the head on the engine.  I think it’s truly dead for good this time!  So, I went to work a little depressed, but ready to go.

Because of the way our two-hour delay schedule works, every period today was 52 minutes long.  This was good in some ways and bad in others.  First, the periods I had today had plenty of time to start on their projects for the first day.  However, this also means these periods (three of my five) are now a day and a half ahead of the other classes I have.  This makes it harder later to get them caught-up on that work.  Even harder to deal with, was the fact that half my students weren’t even in school.  I’m not sure this was a good idea having school when the county is under a state of emergency and half my students weren’t in school probably because their basements are flooded and they’re “mucking out” today.  So, I started my video project with my eighth graders, podcast project with my seventh graders and I think these projects are going to be very interesting.

I came home from school and Heather had worked out how tonight was going to work.  It was going to be a rough night as a lot of the roads are closed, including parts of Interstate 81 and Interstate 88 (both due to mud and rock slides).  So we knew that getting anywhere was going to take a good half-hour longer now since all traffic was being diverted toward our street from I-88.  So, Heather and I headed to Wendy’s with the Mazda and now the Acclaim (since the Escort is down and out) and had dinner together there.  Once Heather got there, I told her that the Acclaim was leaking fuel BIG TIME!!  So, we agreed that I would go to orchestra practice tonight and then come by and pick up the Acclaim and take it home so she had a reliable car to come home in.  So, I did just that.  We also discussed that we would not use the Acclaim unless it was completely necessary and that we would have to work out using one car again for a while.  At least we can get our tax return this year and put it into a new car.  Orchestra practice went well tonight and I think I’m ready for tommorrw and tommorrow night.  I came home and worked on a new “My Space” page for TJCS which will be up by next week.  That’s right, I finally gave in and got myself a “My Space” page.  I’ll have the link up by the end of next week.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 16, Part 2 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 16 (Part 2):  Barriss had a concerned look on her face but knew she needed to concentrate on the living Force around her to keep the Surepp at bay.  Anakin gathered the unconscious Luminara and they backed out the herd the same way they went in, amongst the increaslingly anxious Surepp herd.  Obi-Wan was starting to sweat under the strain but they could see the electronic fence and the now worried Borokii tribe.  As they exited the herd, Obi-Wan was accidentally bumped by a Surepp and pushed out of the herd.  As they reached the fence, Kyakhta, Bulgan, and Tooqui grabbed Luminara and gently laid her on the ground while Barriss administered her Jedi healing powers.  Suddenly Anakin was launched from the herd as hwe was still amongst the Surepp to hold them back to let the others get through.  Obi-Wan asked if anything was broken and Anakin responded saying only his dignity.  Luminara’s eyes suddenly opened and she asked Barriss to help her up.  She apologized to Bayaar and told him she lost his knife.  Obi-Wan asked Lumiara what happened.  She explained that there was never Jedi training that ever covered this, but she was jumping from Surepp back to Surepp back and was doing fine.  On her way backshe slipped on a back because the Surepps back was wet.  She fell to the ground and hit her head.  She thanked Obi-Wan for coming to save her and Obi-Wan said they had to.  Barriss commented that they still needed a way to figure out how to get the albino Surepp fur…..



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