‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 16 (Part 1)

Okay, so it’s Thursday and I had such high hopes for the day when the day started out and by the end of the day I was completely depressed at how things went.  I knew it would be a pretty easy set of classes today, as we went over music history and I’ve got those lessons down to a tea where I could almost do them in my sleep.  I think it’s just because I’m that into music history and enjoy it that much.  I came home at a pretty reasonable hour as I went through and got my lesson plans ready for tomorrow.  I’m excited because we start our music video and podcast projects tomorrow and I have high hopes for these classes to be able to do the videos.  While I was at work, Heather emailed me and let me know that I just got my $10 Firewire card (off of Ebay, of course) in the mail.  I’m excited because this means I can use the better digital camera for my videos at school, which will drastically help with the quality of the music videos I can produce.  So, I will have to bring that to school tomorrow and test it out.

I got home and went there right away because the school warned us that there was a “doozy” of a thunderstorm coming our way and that we should get in-doors.  Now, in the same email from Heather, she let me know that the Escort was starting to act up again.  Much like it did the last time.  I figured it was the rain in the engine again and told her to just park it in the garage till I came home and could look at it.  When I got home, it was raining cats, dogs, and I think I can redefine it as cats, dogs, and I think the Lord sent some pigs as well.  So, it was raining cats, dogs, and pigs.  I went into the garage because it was the closest dry place to my car and I wanted to check out the Escort and see how it was doing.  I turned the car over and it at least turned over, but it ran really rough.  Exactly as it did when I took it to the mechanic and we thought it was dead.  I told Heather we would leave it in the car and let it dry overnight and check it out tomorrow morning.  I came inside and tried calling Josh, but he wasn’t there, so we decided to call our Student Loans company and worked out a lower payment since my loan has come out of default now.  They worked it out and we were able to lower the payments a $100 a month so that we can live more affordably.  They were nice about the whole thing.  Shortly after, Josh called back and we worked out how we’re going to handle the weekend I’m in Rochester and of course we goofed around with each other like we always do and I let him know about Celebration IVa at my house (I’ll get into that some other time).  After I hung up the phone, I looked outside and it was still coming down like cats, dogs, and pigs and my yard was not looking good.  As a matter of fact, I swore I had an in ground pool and I’ve never owned an in ground pool.  At least not voluntarily!!  It looked bad, really bad!!  Bad enough to make this homeowner completely nervous about their home.  I went downstairs to check on the basement, but so far everything was fine.  I checked out my new firewire card and we got dinner together.  We had some Chicken Cordon Bleu as we watched the news and then began to realize that the whole Binghamton area was going through the same flood problems we went through in June.  The whole area looked like a disaster area, AGAIN!!!  After dinner I got nervous and went downstairs to check one last time, and I ran into a semi-disaster.  In my home theater room, the water was starting to come in around the doorway and was starting to spread a crossed the floor.  In particular, under the carpeting that Heather and I had put in down there.  So we quick moved furniture, the 63” LCD T.V. and other various as sundries to get to the concrete floor.  I used the shop-vac and fought the flooding while Heather moved stuff and tried to find me a flashlight.  I tried to find the source of the leak, but there was no obvious source.  I think the ground was just so saturated that the water had to go somewhere, and there was nowhere else for it to go, other than my basement.  I just find it interesting that we flooded this time, but didn’t flood in the basement in June when everybody else did.  Heather and decided to move the T.V. to a dry spot in the basement and continue to clean up and try to watch some T.V. to relax a little if we could.  Four hours later, the clean-up was finished.  Well, it was kind of finished.  We put the carpet (which was soaked) on the front porch for now and spread it out to avoid getting any mold on the carpet.  It was a really long night and Broome County is now in a state of emergency.  Heather’s convinced that I won’t have school tomorrow, but I’m not so convinced.  I don’t think a state of emergency will stop my district from having school if they want to.

Okay, let’s talk about the first part of Chapter 16 of Alan Dean Foster’s “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm”…..

Chapter 16 (Part 1):  Everyone clammered and stared in awe, even the Padawans, at what Luminara was attempting.  She didn’t head through the heard but seemed to simply float over it.  In reality she was jumping from back to back, but was so quick about it that a Surrep would wake-up, look up and see nothing.  the Jedi looked on with microbinoculars when the sentinel slid over next to Obi-Wan says she’s moving so fast that he can barely keep her in focus.  Then Obi-Wan shouted out that she’s got it!  Bayaar was shocked that it happened so soon, even though minutes seemed like hours at this point.  Then there was a distrubance in the herd and Bayaar said she has slipped and fallen.  Obi-Wan told his padawans that they were going in, and that they had to concentrate really hard on using The Force.  The three Jedi walked among the Surepps hand in hand and used their collective power in The Force to keep the Surreps from trampling them.  Obi-Wan noted that as they walked, Anakins control over The Force actually began to grow.  They found Luminara on the ground with a shallow gap on her head with blood flowing out……




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