‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 15 (Part 8)


Well, it’s Wednesday and things seem to be going well for my classes.  Today was a good day to try and have some classes catch-up while other classes continued on with the work I had from them yesterday (this always happens when I have half-days, half my classes are a day behind until the next half day rolls around and then I get a day to catch them up).  Anyway, I got in early and opened some emails and found out that I had a staff meeting today, which I totally forgot about.  So, I emailed Jim, the director of SMASH to let him know that I would be late to rehearsal.  We were warned that the meeting may take longer than usual.  That was okay with me, but today was going to be a rough day as it was.  Now, I would have to go from finishing school, to a faculty meeting, to SMASH rehearsal, to a Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony (it’s Ruth’s moving-up night), and then finally home.  It was going to be a long night without the ability to eat any food for dinner till late.  To make matters worse, my wife only packed two slices of pizza and a few cookies for lunch and dinner.  Yeah, that just wasn’t going to cut it for me.  But, what can I do?  I’m not allowed to carry money in my house!

Anyway, I got done teaching and had some prep time and headed down to the office to get my mail.  While I was there, I got my “Christmas Bonus” (or at least what I like to call it).  Every teacher received a glass mug with the Binghamton City School District logo on it.  Too small for a beer glass, and too large for a shot glass.  Need I say more?   Anyway, went to my faculty meeting and probably got myself into trouble because it was about a program that I already know how to use, so I went into Microsoft Word and worked on catching-up on my blog.  As a matter of fact, I should be completely caught-up on my blog as of tomorrow.  I know what you’re all saying, “yah!!”.  Yeah, I’m saying it too!  Anyway, I don’t use the program at the workshop because I used it for a while (it’s a web-based gradebook) but then it crashed twice in a matter of three weeks (on the BOCES end of things, so I don’t blame my district), but then I decided to swear off the program and go back to using Microsoft Excel.  Since then, I have not had any problems with my gradebook and I don’t see myself changing that concept anytime soon.  Anyway, got done with the meeting and boogied out of school to get to Roosevelt.

Got to SMASH rehearsal and got a chance to work with our other trumpet player, who needed some help.  I think we got him underway to get him ready for our concert at First Night (the show that’s put on downtown for New Year’s Eve, which SMASH is the headliners for now).  After that we worked on another tune and got the placement changes underway for equipment and worked the song out overall.  It was a productive rehearsal and we got a lot done.  Jim and I talked in the parking lot for a little bit, like we always do and then I headed out for Ruth’s elementary school.

I got there and didn’t see my wife, so I thought I was in the wrong building, till Austin yelled “daddy”.  I didn’t see them in the crowd, so I guess sometimes it’s nice to have a loud mouthed son.  We watched Ruth go through her bridging ceremony and I began to realize that my little girl ain’t so little anymore.  I’m now convinced that Scouts comes up with these ceremonies (Bridging, Blue and Gold Dinners, etc.) to remind you that your son or daughter is growing up and that you, as a parent, need to be proud of who or what they are becoming.  We got done with the ceremony and while we had some cake and soda, Heather called our local Chinese food place and ordered so we could pick it up on the way home.  We went and picked up our food, went home and got the kids to bed right away.  Heather and I went downstairs to watch our usuals on T.V. (“Jericho”, “Criminal Minds”, and “CSI:NY”).  As we did this, I worked on trying to find a Staedtler pen for my capsules for my Jedi costume and have come to realize that I don’t think they sell that style of pen anymore.  Bummer, I really want to get those capsules before I have to go up to Syracuse on Thanksgiving weekend.  All well.  I also got a phone message from Josh about Christmas that I haven’t been able to return yet.  Maybe I’ll email him tomorrow.

I haven’t had the guts to tell Josh that the weekend I’m coming up for Tuba Christmas may not work out because there is no one to watch the kids on Saturday night.  My parents have a party to go to (and I’m not going to affect their life to try and make mine better) and I get the impression that my brother and his wife don’t want to watch the kids and Josh is having an “adult” party at his house and I have nowhere to put the kids.  So the whole thing may just not work out at all.  I’ll have to talk to him and see what happens.

Okay, I lied, I was able to get a picture of the cute puppies from my co-worker.  I know she’s been waiting for it, so here it is:


The one on the left is named “Honey” and the one on the right is named “Jammer”.  Now tell me they aren’t cute!! 

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 15 (Part 8):  The Jedi sat down and discussed solutions, including trying to find a way around the expectations, with no solutions.  Bayaar walked them to the corral that evening where they were joined by an uneasy sentinel.  The sentinel almost hoped they would give up instead of risking their lives.  The Surreps began to settle down for the evening.  A crowd had gathered and bets were being placed on the offworlder’s chances.  Luminara stripped down to her Jedi undergarments and Obi-Wan and Barriss began their objections.  Luminara asked Anakin what he thought of her idea and Anakin said it just simply sounds like a crazy idea.  But Anakin pointed out that many considered him crazy when he podraced.  Luminara asked Anakin if he had a better idea and he said he did not.  Obi-Wan asks if she’s sure she can do it and Luminara says she’s not sure, but this is the only way.  Obi-Wan tells her that here death may not convince the Borokii of their sincerity.  She tells him that The Force will be with him always.  He gave her a hug and she gave Barriss a reassuring look.  The electrified fence was shut-off and Luminara jumped on the back of the closest Surepp.


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