‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 15 (Part 2)

Thursday.  Last day of the quarter and my scramble to get final exams done with my students.  I was able to get most of them done.  There were a few students who weren’t in class today to finish their finals, so they will have to try and come in during lunch sometime next week to participate in the finals.  It was actually relieving (in a way) to end this quarter as many of you have heard me rant about how hard this quarter really was.  I am so looking forward to being able to take tomorrow off.

While I was in school today, I got an email from a colleague who said that the local community orchestra needed a third trumpet player to play on a piece of music they are doing next week Saturday for their concert.  I checked my schedule and found out it would actually work out as well as the practices that are going on next week on Tuesday and Friday night.  I just need to bring the kids with me in order to be able to practice.  But I know my kids and I’m sure they will be able behave themselves while we are there.  In the meantime, there was supposed to be a practice tonight and Heather has a Pampered Chef party tonight.  So, I needed to ask her if it was okay to leave the kids with her.  She said it was okay as she could put the kids in the basement to watch a movie while she did the party with her friends.  So, I came home, we ordered pizza and we cleaned the house like mad.  Mind you, our house STILL has a layer of thin gray dust all over it from last weekend when we used the blown-in insulation.  So, I cleaned the outside (cobwebs and all) while Heather cleaned the inside of the house.  We got things together and I went downstairs with the kids and they watched Peanuts movies while I graded final exams.  Around 7:15 or so, I left to go to the High School to rehearse with the orchestra.  Things went fine and I was able to fit in pretty quickly.  There really aren’t a lot of passages that I play all around, so it wasn’t that difficult.  I came home and Heather and I cleaned up a little and went downstairs and watched T.V. with her and then we went to bed.

Let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 15 of Alan Dean Foster’s “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm”…..

Chapter 15 (Part 2):  Volune suggested that Soergg was one who awaited the vote.  Ogomoor simply said that he looked forward to being able to trade with Ansion without Republic Laws.  Kandah says that even Ansionian buisnesses have suffered under Republic rule and calls for a vote and Fargane says he wants to see a vote in his lifetime.  Volune agrees that his people have suffered, but notes that the Senate has attempted to react to their requests.  He aslo sasks the others if Ansion will be better off with agreement between the Unity and Alwari.  They agreed, but point out that currently there is no peace with the Alwari and that a decision must be made.  Volune offered a compromise stating that they cannot vote today as there is no proper procedure.  But, he will set a date for the vote to take place.  They agree that if the Jedi return before then, they will hear them out.  Ogomoor figured his boss would be pleased.  He also would be able to report back that Kandah, Fargane and at least one other delegate would be in favor of secession.  Of course monies would have to be moved around to ensure votes.  Obviously Baintu had successfully done his job…..




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